"You're BRAVER than you believe,
STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 9-13, 2017

       Nathaniel was sick almost all week and I joined him shortly after ;-) Homeschooling was pretty light but still interesting.

I'm not sure if anyone knows that I collect insects. I started doing it about 2 years ago when I saw that beautiful untouched and dead cockroach outside next to my house. I hated cockroaches and I was scared of them flying around in the house. Yep, the one in Hawaii are huge and can fly!! But then, something happened. I started to appreciate bugs and I realized their necessity in our life. I started to study Korean Natural Farming that is based on microorganisms and I think that had an influence as well. 

Here are some pics of my boys observing my collection. I plan to take them out and see closer under the microscope.
Here are some pictures of my boys and my bugs collection:

I though it would be a good idea to continue study bugs by reading a book I bought few years ago when we had Borders bookstore on our Island.

This book have beautiful pictures, lots of information and still I have few ideas of using it in the future activities. There is another poster of bugs we didn't open yet.
Nathaniel wanted to make a spider puzzle which we hanged on our lamp after it was done. I need to say it wasn't an easy task. It required to hold many pieces at once and Nathaniel couldn't do it yet. I was there to help.

Fun fact: Hercules Beetle.

 This beetle is the strongest animal in the world for its size. 
It can lift more than 800 time its own weight. 

We were wondering where this strength comes from.

Eaton did his first research about Western Honeybee.
 It was his firs research ever.

 I used graphic organizer from HERE for free.
Here is Eaton's video presentation of the Western Honeybee

In addition to that we read other books about bugs as well. We have big collection in our library :)

Dot-to-dot activity. When Nathaniel is tired or sick he always asks for dot-to-dot. What's up with that? ;-) I printed out some sheets straight from the Internet. 

Before new year we did  Animals of the World activity with cards and the map of the world. It was a day full of fun as kids took over the activity and started to pretend play each animal and the rest of us needed to guess which one was it or we just provided some facts about specific animal . We had tons of cards from Montessori Print Shop and kids wanted to play all day long.
 I made a graph from continents cards on the left and (omnivores, herbivores and carnivores) cards I had from different activity. Boys needed to read the facts about animal and put the card in the right spot. 

 We played that more than a month ago and I know that Nathaniel needs to repeat activity or vocabulary in order to remember long term. I had another Animals of the World activity from Oriental Trading. Stickers are always fun for Nathaniel so he really enjoyed that as it was something he could do on his own based on the colors of the chart.

Nathaniel also did classification of animals as herbivores, omnivores or carnivores all by himself. I like to find worksheets that I can quickly print out and provide activity for individual work. I wanted Nathaniel to use scissors too.  These sheets I  printed out from SaveTeachersSundays for free but now I see that's available for a fee or points.

Eaton did some math work on the computer

Another fun activity was to play  little detectives. I have this very old book I bought in thrift store for 25 cents and it has many fun activities using magnifying glass. In the past we did observe abbreviation that are on each US coin and their meanings. Today we looked at our fingerprints using ink and paper. Simple but really fun for kids. I provided some glass to see our fingerprints on the surface of the glass. And!! Kids discovered what is the most oily part of the body-around the nose and forehead!

 We did draw our fingerprints too.

 The last project that we did all together was Human Sundial. Basically I copied all the steps from Scholastic website. The activity was created by Genia Connell. We enjoyed that project very much. We observed where the sun was during the day, we observed the shadows of our bodies and their movements during the day based on the position of the sun. We draw with chalks, wrote down our observations and predictions and we used some measuring tape to measure the length of our shadows. It was fun project.

Last week we played few board games:

This is another game created by Eaton.
He  always creates something new with lots of rules:)
 Eaton did some coin puzzles.

 Nathaniel counted by 3 using Montessori Bead Board
It was long activity for him during sickness, but he finished.


 Nathaniel practiced his Singapore math 2A. He is almost at the end of it.

 He did some worksheet in which he needed to cut out the ruler and measure distances from certain objects. Each inch represented 10 feet. He measured in inches first and then he calculated how much feet it was. Nathaniel's math is progressing pretty steady. He can calculate large amounts in his head and I'm really glad that Singapore Math gives that strong foundation for future more advanced math.

 On Wednesday boys went to Astro-Bash to participate in local fun activities with some experiments, drawings and face paintings.

Eaton created Ninja Map in the Minecraft

 and some Lego Box Puzzles

and 2 Lego transformers