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-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Thursday, July 22, 2010

African Territories

My baby Eaton is 19 months and I've created some new activities for him. Here is the latest one.
Previously, we've been study Australia map. Now we are working on Africa. I've started with a simple map of division of Africa into Western, Central, Northern, Eastern and Southern parts. When I show that map to Eaton it was the matter of 1 minute and it was done correctly.
This map was printed out from the link below. I colored each territory into different color. I laminated that map and put some Scotch fasteners on it. Other variation is that I didn't color any territories of Africa. I left it white color to make it a little more challenging. Very simple activity I made in 30 min.
Also, I prepared some flashcards for all continents of each part of Africa. Here is the example of flashcards for Southern Africa.
Simply, I printed out map of Africa from this link I colored each country red and I laminated all flashcards. The reason I use paper instead of Brill Kids program is that I don't have a program that I could color each country like I did in order to use it in Brill kids, so it is easier for me to do it on paper.


Waterdreamer said...

Hey! IT's waterdreamer from brillkids. Cute blog! Come check out mine!

lillianmaurtua said...

Congratulations, I will be following your activities. It will be a good guide for my grndson and me.
Keep the good work.

Anna said...
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Ewa said...

Hey Marta I’ve got a question for you concerning the preparation of Eaton’s maps. I wonder what was the first map you presented to Eaton and at what age?. What form did it take? What was the format of the paper? We are about to start with Antek the Polish administrative division map (16 elements) and I’m a little bit confused how it should look like. Maybe I should start with the continents first where there are definitely less elements to manipulate. We did the continents as well as administrative division in the form of flashcards. You are much more experienced than I that’s why I let myself to be a real nuisance and ask you all those questions. I just hope you don’t mind :-). Have a wonderful day. Ewa

Marta said...

The 1st map I presented to Eaton was the Map of the World. The reason was that I wanted to follow Montessori idea going from the global picture of the map and then showing all detailed map of specific country.

Also, Map of the continents has only 7 pieces and for the baby it's a big achievement to do all of them correctly.
I used BrillKids files instead of paper flashcards for Continents. (they have few good files on that). The map itself was big enough for 15 months Eaton (that's when I presented Continents to him for the 1st time). I made a map from construction paper: I cut pieces and glued them on the board.

I would suggest starting with the Continents map. You will see how Antek is proud of himself when he will put together simple map first. That is more encouraging then to present too many pieces at once.

I guess presenting any map was a proof for me that baby understands what is presented. Also, Eaton had a lot of fun with that map.