"You're BRAVER than you believe,
STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Thursday, July 29, 2010

 Today I have a day off from my daily responsibilities until later this evening. Once a week my husband takes my baby out of the house so I can enjoy myself!! Hurray :)
Although I'm pregnant with my 2nd baby and I should rest I decided to put some new activity together for Eaton to play with. (I will rest later!:)
Here is the link to "My giant flip book-human anatomy" I was working on. I purchased that book at Borders for $6 few days ago. (I couldn't find that link on Borders website)

This book is so awesome because it contains 10 colorful informative pages about: brain, digestive system, ear, eye, heart, lungs, muscles, skeleton, skin and teeth.. Paper is very sturdy and pictures are big and clear-great for baby's eye.
The only thing I prepared were names of parts of the organs: I printed them out, laminated them, cut them out and attached Velcro. Here is the picture that shows names off the chart.
So how I will be showing that to Eaton? I will be focusing on one of the organs of course at one time. For example: in one week we will work on lungs chart. I will prepare word flashcards for lungs terminology that I will be showing Eaton twice a day. I will try Brill Kids software to do that. The colorful chart I will put on the wall for Eaton to read it whenever he wants it (he can read now). The second part with hands on activity I will be showing him once a day only. He doesn't like doing things twice, it bores him. Once he figure it out he puts it away, but that doesn't mean he will not look at it again the next day.

Ok dokey, I guess it's my time to rest now :)


tatianna said...

cool idea
love the new blog
best wishes

Waterdreamer said...

That looks fantastic! I'm so glad you started blogging. I'm going to steal so many ideas from you lol.
Have a nice rest!!

Anna said...

I got here from the Brillkids forum. You have so many great ideas for teaching toddlers! Thanks for sharing! Just one comment about the labels for the parts of the heart: I think one of the labels should read "pulmonary artery" instead of "pulmonary aorta." :)

Marta said...

That's why I love blogs. You can get encouraging words,great ideas from other people who can even find your mistakes! Thanks Tatianna and Waterdreamer for stopping by. And Anna... thanks so much for pointing my mistake. I will correct it ASAP, we don't want to give our kids misleading informations!