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Monday, August 16, 2010

How I taught my baby to read in 2 languages by 19 months (Part II)

Aloha from a beautiful South side of Big Island!

I wanted to share with you some ideas for books you can create for a baby.

1) This set of books were the best hit for my baby. He was constantly flipping them to get new words. I would love to share the link but the website doesn't exist anymore. I hope that I saved it on my computer. If I will find it I will post a link. I have so many educational pdf files that it will require some time to go through all of them because  I couldn't find them by simple search.
Here is the video:

2) Books made from flashcards:

3) If you want to personalize books with a baby name on it you can find some free books on this website It will require some time to prepare these books but it's really worth it. When I printed out these pages I cut out sentences that were below pictures. In my opinion they were too small for a baby to read it without a problem. I created new pages with sentences only.
Here is the video of personalized book I created for Eaton

All together I have more than 100 books for a baby. I rotate them a lot and separate them into 3 piles and put them in different places around the house.

I think that Eaton made a huge progress in reading because I was consistent with reading to Eaton and with Eaton. Books are necessary part to teach the baby how to read.

I'm bilingual person. In the house I speak 2 languages: English and Polish. I speak Polish only to Eaton. Eaton picked up Polish language pretty easy from me. I don't have too many reading materials in that language, only books. I introduced polish books to Eaton when he was about 1 year old. That wasn't so hard for him. Eaton is 19 months old now and he is able to read in 2 languages.

I hope that post helped a little to anyone who teaches baby how to read.

Have a great day everyone!


Olives and Pickles said...

I have done myself some books in spanish and english for my daughter also..she loves them!!Thanks for bringing this up.Great job!

Michael's mom said...

Very impressive teaching! Can you let me know how you made those books? I mean, did you print the pages in A4 papers and laminated them by yourselves? Do you have a lamination machine at home? Where do you get those binding rings?

My son is about the same age as your Eaton. He speaks both Chinese and English. However, his English reading is not that good. I am looking for ways to improve it right now.

I am grateful that you shared so much about your home schooling in your blog. Keep up your good work!!

Oh, I may have some other questions for you. Can you send you questions by email?


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
This is a mom from Spain ready to start teaching her daughter to read. I found out about your blog not long ago and I'm amazed by what you're doing with Eaton. Every time I read a post or watch one of your videos hundreds of questions come to my head.
I already know about Glenn Doman (a friend of mine just gave us the "How to teach your baby to read" Kit - spanish version) and I've just purchased LR from Brill Kids.
I wish I had known from these methods before Monica was born.She is 18 months now and I hope it is not to late to achieve something good.
I guess you are very busy but if you were so kind to give me some adivise about how to start.
I believe I can also teach my baby English; I'm not bilingual but I guess my English Studies at University will help me out.
How could I start teaching her to read both in English and Spanish? Should I introduce both languages using Brill Kids and Doman's methods at the same time?

Thanks so much for sharing

Marta said...

Olives and Pickles,
There is something magical about books moms create for their babies. I didn't hear any negative comments about them yet. Everyone who created personal books have successful stories. It seems like babies know that these books were created with heart and love for them!
Thank you for your positive comment :)

Marta said...

Michael's mom,

Please, do not hesitate to ask me questions on the blog. I think while these questions are public everyone reading them will benefit.

Books you were asking me about were printed out on 5x7 inch paper. I have a laminator handy that I bought for about $35 in Walmart. Rings you can purchase on Amazon. I found this site more affordable even with a shipping cost, then buying rings in Office Depot. But that can not be true in your state. It's worth to check that out. Please, check my previous posts where I gave an Amazon link to binder rings as few people were asking about them.

About your son's English: I always advice to go back to the basic and focus on phonics. My son accelerated in reading because of knowing sounds of letters. Once they know phonics they are not afraid of new words. I like Montessori house phonics DVD's by the way. But there are many other options available.

Have a great day Michael's mom!

Marta said...

Hi Mom from Spain,

It's definitely not to late for you to teach Monica to read in English and Spanish. Please, don't feel behind because you start teaching at 18 months. Great results can be achieved at this age. I'm glad to hear you already have BrillKids program and you read Doman's book. Book is the first step that allow you to understand the whole process of how baby is learning.

Of course you can start to teach both languages at the same time. Word of advice over here:That can be overwhelming to you. Some people are doing step by step. One language at a time. But for you, the person that already have an English curriculum ( I assume you have 2 semesters) would be much easier to introduce second language at the same time. BrillKids has very nice Spanish files you can put together into a playlist. The next step is to create a daily schedule that would work for you.
The best way is to start introducing any program if you have files ready to show to a baby. Create files in advance. You can have very simple schedule:
every day ( 7days a week if you want to accelerate learning) 2or 3 times a day (intervals about 15-30 min)
English and Spanish files from BrillKids. After each session you can show her flashcards. I used to show about 25 each time. Once a day you can show your baby a dvd from YBCR in Spanish or in English. It shouldn't be long when Monica will go towards books. Read to her a lot showing each word with a pointing finger. You should see some results pretty quick.

One thing to remember is: do not feel discouraged if your baby will not look at cards or flashcards on the computer for the first time. You need to know baby's schedule: when the baby is rested the most, what part of a day is she enjoying a teaching. That can take time to figure it out.
Please feel free to ask questions on this blog if I can be any help to you..

enjoy your teaching!

Michael's mom said...

Hi Marta,
Thank you very much for getting back to me!! I did find the book rings at Staples, but they are expensive there. I will check Amazon for cheaper ones.

Inspired by the books you created for Eaton, I just created a book for my Michael recently. It is based on a trip to an entertainment park. My Michael loves it dearly!!

Oh, I do love your phonics approach. I like the ABC alphabet files you downloaded and printed to teach Eaton. On your blog, you said the link where you downloaded this file was gone. If you find this file on your computer, can you let me know? Thanks in advance!!

My second question is about LR. I haven't purchased this software yet because it is pricy. However, I do have YBCR and Michael finished all the 4 DVDs and he likes them. In addition, I created powerpoint slides in Chinese, English and Spanish for him to view everyday (using Doman method). Do you think I still need to buy LR? I guess I won't be able to use the resource files on brillkids site if I do not have the software, right? I did try LR for free for 15 days. Michael loves it too and he learned several new words from LR. At this point, I do not know if it is worthy to buy this software to accelerate Michael's English reading or just replying on the powerpoint slides I created and other DVDs and books I borrowed from the local library.

My third question is about the language you speak to Eaton. In the videos, I heard you spoke English to him. However, in one of your posts, you said you speak only Polish to Eaton. I think Eaton understands and speaks English very well at his age. I wonder if that credits to you always speak English to him when teaching him English.

It is great to get to know you, a dedicated mom to early learning. I have a lot to learn from you!

Take you time to answer my questions. I check your blog from time to time. Have a good vacation with your family!!

Marta said...

Michael's mom,

Sorry for the late response.
If you are concern about BK price and you had an access to that program for 2 weeks or so you don't feel that the content is worth of price. And maybe you are right, especially that your baby already saw YBCR videos. Reading curriculum in BK doesn't contain too many new words. If you have a time to prepare ppt format files keep doing that and don't spend more money. Although BK includes a lot of different files beyond basic reading (science, geography, languages etc..)But maybe you are not interested in those files.

Answering other questions: I mentioned in my post that I speak Polish only to Eaton because my husband speaks English only. I teach Eaton in English and repeat that in Polish. Sorry for misunderstanding.I want English to be Eaton's first language.

I'm still looking for those files about phonics. I think I saved them under different names and I have a hard time to find them now. I will let you know when I figure it out where they are :)

thanks for visiting my blog

Marta said...

Michael's mom

Please check my new post on the blog

I posted a link to stuff you were asking about. It took me some time, but I found it!!
enjoy it :)

ABCD said...

Hi Marta,

You are doing amazing job.

I have a question on flash-card reading. I am going to start flash card for my 6 month old babies. In your blog you mentioned that to show 25 flash card at a time. Then when can I retire a word?

Marta said...

Thank you ABCD :)
Based on Doman method for the 1st week you show all cards, after that each day you retire 5 cards and add 5 new cards.

Please go to forum where you can find all help about how to handle cards, schedules and other great topics. You just need to register. It's FREE though!!

ABCD said...

Hi Marta,

My kids are 17 month old and still I have not introduced alphabet to them. I have made these phonics flashcards. My question is that I need to go through alphabet first and then introduced these phonics flashcards?
How can I teach alphabet?Two or three alphabet letter a day are ok?

Please give me advice.

Marta said...

As you know I follow Doman method with flashcards. The way I teach my younger boy-13 months now is that I introduced him phonics first. I don't teach him spelling yet (spelling letters of the alphabet). If you want to do the flashards method for phonics you can do all 26 letters in one session flashing as fast as you can. But I found out with my boy that letter flashcards with pictures work better/more appealing. Please look at my other website for more ideas and further explanation.