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Monday, August 2, 2010

Speed reading-part I

Few posts ago I mentioned something about speed reading. I'm not an expert in that area at all, and what I want to write are just my observations and personal experience through teaching Eaton. I plan to study that subject more deeply and share more about speed reading later that's why I call this post Part I.

There was a certain way I was reading books to Eaton. I was choosing books with big fonts and one sentence on a page. I created a lot of books like that to be able to teach Eaton. Whenever I was reading books I was pointing to a word I read until two months ago that something different happen. I thought that Eaton lost his interests in books. He was walking away whenever I sat down with him and read a book to him. I thought, OK it's probably another stage in his development. But what I observed was something different. Eaton was going back to the shelf and he was reading books by himself. I couldn't figure it out why until I re-read "How to teach your baby to read" by Glenn Doman. Doman stated that when baby possessed certain amount of vocabulary  they tend to read (in their minds) quicker than their development of speech. Then, I recalled one lady posted on the BrillKids forum that her child was reading first and the last word of the sentence and she didn't know why and how to encourage her to read all words. My Eaton is doing exactly the same thing. He goes through the book reading first and the last word. His speech is not developed enough to speed up with his reading (mental) process. That gave me a relieve cause I knew the reason  and now I know the solution. I grabbed another book I created from BrillKids forum called "Penguins". I read pretty quick and then I saw that it holds Eaton attention.
You can see what I mean in this video.

I started to read quicker and sometimes slowing down at pages with pictures. For that speeding reading method I like to use all books of Dr. Seuss. They rhyme and words go together so nice that you can speed up and change your tone of voice. The only bad thing about them is that words are mixed between pictures, so sometimes I point to a page where I read.

 I would love to hear some ideas about speed reading from my readers. What do you know about speed reading, what books are you using and how you include that in your daily schedule?
In next post about speed reading I will mention programs I'm using for my baby to read fast. Also, I plan to read more about Shishida method, and his way to do speed reading but that will require some more time for me.

Have a great day Everyone!
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Karmeleon said...

Yes, my "baby" does that too. I notice he would glance at the page (even books he's not seen before) and would follow at the start of the sentence, but nearing the end, he'd be looking at something else, but if I skip the word, he'd say it. Means he remembers what he's already read! I've observed that many times.

Marta said...

That means your baby is on a good track to be a great reader!

Karmeleon said...

Oh, my "baby" can read reasonably well already. ;-) Both in English & Mandarin.

Karmeleon said...

He's older, by the way.