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and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When Eaton was 15 months old I introduced him Montessori version of  puzzles. That was the easiest puzzle I created from a  picture of our family. I cut a picture in half. For the presentation I put them in order very close to each other for Eaton to see the big picture. He needed to slide one half next to another. More difficult version was when I cut pictures in 3 pieces and presented them upside down. At 17 months I presented Eaton real puzzle. 
I wasn't sure when he would be ready for a transition to a more difficult puzzle so I simply put the puzzle box on a shelf. One day Eaton decided to work with them

Few days ago I made a video with more difficult puzzle- 5 pieces. Sometimes I need to hold pieces he already put together but besides that, he sees the whole picture in front of him.
One time I read about a kid who wasn't interested in puzzles. That's why I think it's a great idea to present puzzles with a topic that baby is interested in at that time. My Eaton loves trucks, diggers, bulldozers, buses etc. That's why I bought these puzzles for him.
Have a wonderful day everyone!


Karmeleon said...

There was a time when I thought my boy wasn't interested in puzzles. I wasn't sure if it was his ability or his interest. Then I realised that he'd work on it real hard, concentrating if it were vehicles! Once i got him puzzles that were all vehicles, that was it. No going back. haha.

rua mulla said...

Dear Marta.
i am planing to get some Puzzle for u have any recommendation for puzzles that eaton enjoyed and sautable for 22 months old??

Marta said...

It depends what Rkan was already exposed to. Did you shown him any simple 2 pieces puzzles? I started with colors like you see on the post. But if he already saw anything I would recommend to purchase something from Doug and Mellisa site. They have many topics covered: animals, construction, pets. 24 piece puzzles should be good if Rkan did some puzzles before. My Eaton loves construction vehicles so anything with that theme is just perfect. Also, the reason I recommend Doug and Mellisa is that these puzzles have wood frame. Doing puzzles is easier once you have it. I see it with Eaton. Besides that they are very sturdy and well made, although I'm sure you can buy other companies well made puzzles I just preferred that one because it's easy to buy: amazon has great selection! Check this out:

rua mulla said...

Dear marta. thanks for the replay.
Rkan can solve 2-3 piece puzzles but I tried to go to next level by this one and it seems like hard for him ?? Maybe because is still small pieces with alot of details???
He also has this one which he can do it but I think that having the pic underneath it helps him.
I will try the one u refered at. I hope it helps him to next level :-)
aangeles at Brillkids suggested these, and i Think eaton will love those since he likes maps it is also recommended by aangeles.
Thank you dear

Marta said...

Go slowly then.You want your baby to enjoy the process of doing puzzles. Try next step 6-10 pieces puzzles with simple picture. In my post you will see: Things that go set and it would be great next step for Rkan.Eaton was working with these puzzles for a while. If you introduce more than 10 pieces Rkan can loose his interest or he can be frustrated doing puzzles and we don't want that. From my experience Eaton had difficulty at first with puzzles where picture underneath were provided. But if that works with Rkan that's what you should give him. Cube puzzles are too advanced at this age, it's not easy to figure out which picture to choose from the 6 sides of a cube. It takes me some time ;-)

Also, what important is to work with a baby, pointing him in a good direction. If Rkan holds a good piece but doesn't know what side to connect you can help him by saying: rotate your piece; we are looking for a yellow color (example), or we are looking for the rest of the tire of this truck.
At first it takes a lot of time but when baby can figure out simple puzzle they can advance quickly because they are motivated.

And I love Europe puzzle idea! We will try that

ruamulla said...

dear Marta.
thank you very much for yr support and great puzzle idea.
Rkan now enjoy doing puzzle and esp the beep beep puzzle u recommend.
i am planning to get him more puzzle about cars and truck cuz he is mesmorized with them. any recommendadtion??? what puzzle that eaton is working on now???
for cube puzzle, this was a hit with rkan. he likes them and its a great intruduction for the idea of cube puzzle and also those
i also introdused these to Rkan which he like and try to solve it with some help

ruamulla said...

i am thinking of trying this
although the wooden frame makes it easier for them!!
any suggestion??

Marta said...

Rua, I'm sorry for that late response. Sometimes I see post and I forget to response. I think lack of sleep has something to do with it ;-) My little one is teething and nights are short:)

The puzzle you sent link to is very interesting. Bare in mind that kids go through different stages and my Eaton is not interested in puzzles like he was before. He does them from time to time. Eaton likes different puzzles now. Please check this: this is so much fun (2x3 feet puzzle)doing with the whole family. It's of course puzzle about traffic and all vehicles. But Eaton enjoys that a LOT. If Rkan still likes puzzles, he should enjoy the one you send link to even if it's without the wooden frame. It's a good idea to introduce harder puzzles if Rkan enjoys them. I hope that helped. Have a great weekend!