"You're BRAVER than you believe,
STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's great to be home and be back on the schedule we had before our trip to Chicago. Eaton started to sleep better and he started to ask about flashcards again. I love when he does that!

During our trip Eaton had a chance to play few real instruments in our family's house. Piano and drums where his favorite instruments.

I'm aware that music plays some role in his life. How significant is that? Honestly, I'm not sure. Is that baby's curiosity only or Eaton is discovering his real interest?!

I see that Eaton is playing more by himself when music is on. When I was putting him down for a night one time during vacation Eaton said "Some music". He stood up, turned on the CD with a smoothing music, went back to bed and fallen asleep in a minute.

When we drive in the car Eaton prefers to listen music than driving in the quiet time.

All these signals gave me something to think about.
I found 2 things on internet that I'm very interested to introduce to my baby.


I found this software few months ago searching internet. Hellene Hiner is the founder of that software that is taught with big success with small kids. I saw the video of 3 year old girl playing "Ode to Joy" and decided to buy that program.

You can see more videos clicking on this link:

Setting up the area for piano lessons wouldn't be so hard as we already own an electronic keyboard and extra computer. The only expense would be a music software that cost about $200.

Living on a Big Island we don't have access to any instruments until you buy it or send your kid to a school. But, as an early learning parent/teacher I don't like an idea of sending my baby to a school with a traditional way of teaching. So that software seems like a good alternative especially that I'm interested in taking piano lessons by myself. I love idea of self learning.

2) Maybe you think it is crazy  but I found that "toy" on Amazon few days ago and I'm excited about possibility of buying that drums to our baby. DeRosa by Bridgecraft Child Drum Set DRM 312 BLACK - For 3 to 5 yrs

My idea is to give my baby the area of development his interests. I want him to try as many things he wants to in order to find his real talent, passion, interest early in life. In case he will not be interested in any of these things we can pass these stuff to our future babies or in last resort selling back on internet.


Anonymous said...

just wondering if you purchased the piano software? was it easy to install? do you recommend it so far?
please let me know....

Silly Faces and Grace said...

did you ever purchase the piano software? what are your thoughts about it, i'm looking into it myself just need to budget for it though... and the keyboard, what keyboard do you have?
was it easy to install? do you recommend it?
by the way google... chasing cheerios blog, from looking at your blog looks like you would like following her adventures
sorry about all the questions...just looking for an honest reveiw
Thanks s much
huante.nancy at