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Friday, October 8, 2010

How I taught my baby to read in 2 languages by 19 months (Part III)

I have great news!!!! I found a missing link!!!

In "How I taught my baby to read in 2 languages by 19 months(Part II) I shown a video of Phonics books I prepared for my baby. 
Few moms responded with a question how they can download these flashcards. I couldn't find a link on Internet at that time. Today, when I was cutting my husband and my baby's hair outside, I looked at alphabet posters I have attached on the wall, and I saw a little link to the website: It's not like I thought before. 

MOM!! Have your laminators ready!!
Here are the links:

Alphabet book
Flashcards action books:

Here is my Word doc I prepared with all sentences from flashcards.

Mahalo !


Bri said...

I just wanted to let you know that I printed off some of these flashcards for Josiah and turned them into a book and he loves them! Yesterday, he surprised his father and I by saying "giraffe" and "butterfly" perfectly as he flipped past those pages! Thanks for your great ideas!

(P.S. I am giving in and buying Little Reader and Little Math. :) )

Marta said...

I'm glad you liked these books. This is great website providing so many free stuff! And we all like it :)

My Eaton responded very well to BrillKids reading program but not so good about math. We did half of what they provide and Eaton rejected the whole program. But I discover that he learns through hands on activities and he needs math manipulatives in order to progress in math. We will try that program again later in the future, maybe he wasn't ready for it yet.

I hope it will work for your baby!

Anonymous said...

Dear Marta!

I would like to now wehre can i find the sentences and the pictures describeing that sentences ?
Thank you.

Marta said...

I'm sorry for that late response.
I'm not sure what sentences and pictures you are referring to. The only one I mentioned in my blog are from I provided these links in my post:
If this is not what you are looking for please specify with more details.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Dear Marta! I recently found out about your blog while on vacation with my baby Nathaniel. I met a friend of yours who told me about your blog. My baby is 19 months and I mostly speak polish to him. I would love some help on teaching him how to talk and read in both languages! PLEASE HELP! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Iwonka
I wrote you an email but didn't get any response from you. I just wandering if you got it.