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Friday, October 22, 2010

Answering some questions about file folder games

I promised Ewa (one of my reader) to answer some of her questions.

Here is the original post:

"I'm curious how many file folder games do you present to Eaton weekly.  Are they any way connected to other activities you perform during the day? I mean is there any leading theme?

I have probably 50 file folder that I created for Eaton.
I separated them into 3 categories.
1) Those that I show Eaton
2) Those that are waiting to be shown because Eaton is not ready for them yet.
3) And those I'm working on. Some of them need to be cut or laminated.

Up until 1 month ago Eaton was doing one file folder a day. Something changed when he reached 21 months and now he wants to see more, 2 or 3 files a day. The time of the day also changed. He was a morning person, not I see the transition where he wants to do file folder activities after dinner. He sits on his chair and asks for file folder game. (That is really sweet of him!)

Are they (file folders) any way connected to other activities?

I always try to match file folders to a book I read to Eaton. The major reason for creating file folders was to enhance the information from books. I wanted to present the same information or similar in just different format. I also tried to match puzzles, posters or educational DVD's to the same topic.

But there are days that file folders are not connected to any activities and Eaton still enjoys doing them.

I try to be more proactive and organize the way I present material to Eaton. As he is getting older I need to have that material available quick and I should know what I want to teach him. Every day I spend some time to think about it.

I came out with the solution for now. I will be creating activities for specific story or book. Currently I'm working on "Gingerbread man" story for Christmas. I'm almost done and all activities will be available for free in some of my future post.

Thank you for your questions, Ewa.

Have a GREAT DAY!!

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Bri said...

Thanks for this! I have a file cabinet drawer that has a lot of junk in it right now. I think I need to clean it out and throw file folders games in there. I was actually just thinking about that before I clicked over here.

Thanks for sharing how many file folder games eaton does a day! That's really helpful!