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Sunday, October 3, 2010

My baby reads Spanish words

I introduced Spanish when Eaton was about 5-6 months old.  Me and my husband don't speak that language so the only resource we had were DVDs and BrillKids program.

DVDs I was using with Eaton: 

1) Boca program DVDs have words in English and Spanish. Honestly, I was not impressed with songs in that program but my child seems like it a lot.

2) Professor Parrot Speaks Spanish  Professor Parrot Speaks Spanish: Learn Spanish with Songs, Dances, Games and Puppets. That DVD is a little bit expensive but it's a good video. No written words though.
You can see some youtube example

3) Brainy Baby Spanish Brainy Baby - Spanish This is great beginning dvd, a lot of basic words. Well done. Spanish language only.

4) Your baby can speak Spanish This is the level where Eaton actually is. This is also, the best video made for teaching babies Spanish. 
This program includes 21 topics with specific words to it. It is made like flashcards but they show them very slow. Pictures are animated but very clear, no background. Words are big and sound is great. Eaton repeats words after video. 

There is another video in the set. Video with songs that have Spanish and English words on the bottom . And I think this is the best Spanish, educational video Eaton was ever watching. He loves these songs that are done very well . Subtitles are Spanish and repeated in English There are a lot of songs included. I highly recommend that set of DVDs for your baby. 

Later on I bought few books with basic words that I can say to Eaton learning from DVDs. I also bought one set of flashcards you can see on video-FLASH CARDS PALABRAS E 96/BOX
Here is a short video of Eaton reading color words in Spanish

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