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Monday, October 4, 2010

Phonics-Beginning Sound of the word...

I want to show you two phonics activities you can do with your baby.

1) Matching alphabet activity. You can create file folder game with Uppercase and Lowercase letters. Do not include both in one file folder as the baby will be overwhelmed and distracted with all letters and he/she will start to play with it instead of doing the activity properly.

Even though your baby can knows the sounds of letters it is good idea to keep that activity available as he/she can learn the placement of specific letters in the alphabet order and that can come later.

I don't remember internet link to this word sheet. At the end of downloaded pages you can see the name of the Phonics program the owner of that sheet created. Here is the link to the program if someone is interested

2) Another file is the file folder game I created for Eaton to teach him Beginning Sound. I printed out 2 sheets available for free at I glued them into file to create a file folder game.
Here is my version of this activity

I think this is a great game to teach letter placement in the alphabet order and to teach beginning sound of a word at the same time.

How do I play that?

1) I present the word to Eaton. I try to keep other words away from him.I don't say anything to him at this point.
2) He reads the word by himself. Example: egg.
3) Then I ask: What is the beginning sound of the word egg?
4) He says /e/.
5) Then I say: Can you please find the /e/ on the board?

If your baby doesn't know the phonics yet you should still ask the question and answer to it. That way the baby hear the sound, see the word and see where you place the card. He/she will connect dots if you will be doing that activity consistently.


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