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Friday, December 31, 2010

Advanced Vocabulary For Toddlers

Because Eaton just turned  2 I was doing some summary of his abilities. I realized that he is ready for the next step in vocabulary.

We have a LOT of books with different topics but it seems that he wants different ones, more advanced in words. I want to have great time with Eaton when we read books together. I purchased many books for homeschooling that are more specific into one subject. Although they have tons of information and Eaton starts to read them too from time to time, I see that he still prefers books appropriate for his age. I'm talking about pictures.

Eaton wants to see more advanced words or different ones but he likes to see animated characters too. 

I found great set of books that fits his needs: Vocabulary Tales by Scholastic.
I love all products of this company. Most of them fit into Doman's rules: big fonts and clear pictures (this set has fonts underneath pictures)
Vocabulary Tales: 25 Read Aloud Storybooks That Teach 200+ Must-Know Words to Boost Kids' Reading, Writing & Speaking Skills
This set of  25 books includes topics like:
transportation, five senses,friendship,weather,school,
money,measurement,ocean,environment,and many more.
Sample of pages:

Here are some examples of words from books with different themes:

Friendshipgrateful, generous, loyal, depend, honest, kind, arguments, agree
Computer: e-mail, online, password, Internet, keyboard, mouse, screen, Web site,
Environment: healthy, reduce, reuse, recycle, waste, energy, pollution, protect, 

This set includes Teaching Guide with reproducible mini versions of all 25 storybooks. Also, it includes simple (matching words to the definition) activities. Because Eaton doesn't know how to write yet I will be re-creating these activities so he can match these words using Velcro. I will create some flashcards too. 
That will look like that:
If anyone will buy that product please contact me so I will provide all these sheets for activities.
This set is a great tool you can incorporate into toddlers themes. Although, in a case with Eaton I think we will read it quicker than introducing themes like: weather, friendship or environment.

I highly recommend that set of books for a toddler who loves to read. I already introduced few books to Eaton and he enjoys them a LOT!

Happy New Year!!!


Ewa said...

I do agree Scholastic products are fantastic. Apart from paper books we use their interactive early readers. I like the variety of subjects they offer. Although you have to put your child in front of the computer it’s definitely high quality time. The text is highlighted while the lector reads the text so the child can follow. The “advanced” vocabulary can be checked at any time with one click of the mouse. I have them on my Chomik account so if you are interested let me know and I will send you a link. Lots of reading fun.

Marta said...

That's great! I would love to have that link.
Thanks so much :)

Ewa said...

Here is the link
You will find the files under the scholastic heading.
I have all the files on my computer in case you have any problems downloading them.
Thanks for your advice on maps I found them realy helpful.

Marta said...

Thank you so much for that link. These files are awesome!! Where did you find them?

Thanks again

Ewa said...

The link is as follows : you have to register and you can download whatever you want. A very resourceful site. I just love it. Hope you will find it helpful.
Hugs Ewa

rua said...

Dear Marta.I have the vocabulary booksnow and will start them soon.
could u please send me activity sheets that does with them to
Thanks in advance

Ewa said...

Właśnie zamówiłam całą serie i byłabym dozgonnie wdzięczna gdybyś mogła podzielić się ze mną swoimi materiałami do książeczek
Pozdrawiam serdecznie

Urszula said...

Jestem zafascynowana Twoja praca z Eatonem. Czesto inspiruje sie Waszymi pomyslami w zabawie z Rayanem. Vocabulary Tales sa juz w drodze, czy moglibysmy poprosic o stworzone przez Ciebie materialy?

Marta said...

Urszula, Dziekuje za mile slowa. Czy moglabys podac mi swoj email to przesle te materialy dla Was?

Gdzie dokladnie przeprowadzacie sie do US?

Pozdrawiam serdecznie

K said...

Cześć Marta, zamówiłam całą serię książeczek:) Dzięki za kolejny dobry pomysł! Czy nie podzieliłabyś się i z nami swoimi materiałami?

Dzięki! K.