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Monday, December 6, 2010

United States of America

How to teach your toddler map of the United States and Capitals

Whenever I present something new to Eaton I try to do it first through BrillKids program or Power Point presentations.

Because Eaton was exposed to computer flashcards since he was a little baby his knowledge is absorbed that way much quicker and in enjoyable way.

BrillKids offers some files on the States of America that I like a lot, but you need to be a member to be able to access them.

I show Eaton BrillKids files everyday in the morning and one afternoon.
Then, during the day we play with the USA States puzzle I purchased in Target.
It's a great teaching tool. The map is made of wood and each piece represents  one State (beside the ones on North/East Coast that are so tiny). Under each piece, there is a written  name of  the Capital . Eaton at this point in life (23 months) reads them very easy so the teaching is more fun.

Few minutes after our US States lesson Eaton grabbed his new toy. He was dumping States!! I love when we can combine learning and pleasure together.

Addition to this puzzle I purchased very affordable table mat with all US States. Whenever we have a meal (3 x day) I put it on the table. 

I try to play it as a game. I ask questions about certain States and its Capitals and Eaton responds to them. Then he asks questions and responds to himself. It's kind of funny, but he repeats a lot my questions and answer to himself. 

Addition to that we watch some US States videos on
Here is the one on your daily playlist:


Homeschool @ sg said... also teaching my son capitals of the world! But differently though. We're using a book and reading it daily.

Ruzzel said...

Aloha Marta,

You and Eaton are so amazing...Happy Holidays and Thank you for always sharing.

By the way, are you having a girl this time?