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STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Monday, January 31, 2011

Eaton's classroom

Recently, I've been frustrated by my furniture organization and how Eaton have had a hard time to find materials to work with. The setup we had before worked for  a good period of time, but now when I'm in the 8th month of pregnancy it started to be a struggle as I can not to get up from the floor so easy to get another activity quickly enough so Eaton will not change his mind or walk away.

I decided to make a mini classroom for Eaton. He was ready for it anyway so it was a good time for both of us.

I love to look at other blogs to find some ideas for a classroom. I thought maybe some of you would like to see mine setup of furnitures.
Here is what I did.

I took coffee table from the living room and put it in Eaton's room. This was his main desk where he was doing all activities every day. I put a cork board on the wall for posting posters, flashcards that I use for particular 2 weeks time frame. Above are Montessori push pin maps i created for Eaton( I will post about them later). The only place I could put them was this wall. I don't have shelf space anymore.

 Here I put some family pictures. Montessori advised to do that, besides Eaton loves to look at pictures and  to describe them. I left one frame empty for his little brother's picture.
This section is very important as it contains materials I currently teach. Books, flashcards etc are in the pink folder container on the top of the shelf. The rest activities are the one I present and rotate. Also, it's easy to grab them from sitting position. That's why rotating is important so Eaton see new stuff on the shelf.
Below is the basket with all his tracing sheets. This is his main daily activity he loves to do.

 Another picture of the wall. Sorry, it was dark when I took it.
This shelf is also important and contains daily activities and Polish books on the top. When I sit next to Eaton it's easy for me to grab one of these books and read it with Eaton.

You can see a corner for all our maps. We live in humid environment and these maps started to depreciate when they were in the old corner of the living room. I decided to put continent map on the wall.

This section is for more activities: art, Montessori insets etc..Below are 2 drawers for musical instruments and some plush toys. Does your baby play with plush toys? Mine doesn't really...I plan to give away some of them.
 I added some cut flowers from our garden with real stones and shells inside the glass container.
This big shelf is where I keep some of Eaton's books. Higher shelves I use to rotate daily activities. I also keep some flashcards and more advanced books I will introduce later. 

This setup works great for both of us. It has been few days since my re-arrangement and Eaton enjoys sitting in his new spot.
I would love to hear what you think about this setup. Maybe you have a blog where you can show your baby's classroom/activity room. I would love to see it!

Have a wonderful day!


Discovering Montessori said...

This is truly an awesome and unique set up you have for Eaton.I love the idea of hanging the pin maps on the wall. I have little ones who are not ready for the work so it is a good way to keep access for those who are. Thank you for sharing.

Ewa said...

Wow, I guess Eaton must be proud to have a classroom like this. You did a great job. It looks realy Montessorian. I also fight with obstacles in my home. For the time being I am not the winner ;-(

Marta said...

Thank you Ladies,

I really feel good in this room and I hope that Eaton feels the same way. Changing a little layout of the room gave us so much pleasure! We have about 30-40 min lesson time in the morning, usually about 6 am when he wakes up! We are back to our morning schedule!! I love it!

Olives and Pickles said...

Good job mama!It looks so lovely!