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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Geography-Globe lesson

What's included:
1) 5"x7" 18 picture flashcards: direction (West, East, North, South); Compass Rose; latitudes; longitudes; eastern, western, northern, southern hemisphere; Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of  Capricorn; South/North Pole; Tropics; Equator; Prime Meridian.

2) 5"x7" 12 definition cards

3) Two A4 tracing cards-tracing longitudes, latitudes, South/North Pole and around the globe. This is an extra activity as Eaton loves tracing dots right now.

4) "Label Me" activity-matching words to pictures activity. I included only 6 things. I don't want to overwhelm Eaton with too many pictures on the graph.

5) "What Am I" file folder game. This book/game activity includes 10 definitions. There is a space in the downloading file so you can create more if you wish. I printed them out on different colors for entertainment purpose only.

Here is the picture of all of the activities

I've already started to teach Eaton about the globe.
1st day: flashcards and 1 definition card that Eaton reads to me and I explain what it is and point it on the picture flashcard. 

2nd dayflashcards again with another definition card. Also, I gave Eaton tracing activity card.

Each day I will be showing Eaton more cards and definitions. At the end of two weeks I plan to introduce file folder game. By that time he should know definitions of Equator, Prime Meridian etc. He should also point them on the globe and on the map.

I prepared this activity with a globe in an oval shape because I want Eaton to know other ways to present globe, not only a circle shape. Eaton doesn't mind to switch from one picture to another.

Also, I included Compass Rose with directions as Eaton was asking me: What's that? pointing to the Compass Rose on the map of the World.

Here is Eaton tracing a globe

Finished work looked like this.

Subjects to teach during tracing activity:
- Types of lines: vertical, horizontal, curve, straight.
- Globe terminology: latitudes/longitudes; tropics, hemispheres,north/south pole etc...
- Shape and its size: big, small, smaller oval.
- Graph representation: what does the arrow point to?
- Counting: how many horizontal lines (latitudes); or longitudes lines can you count?

Download files here


ruamulla said...

Waaw thats a creative activity. I love your Eaton.
can u please send me the activity to my email

Fly Fish said...

Hi Marta,
This is another interesting activity that I would like to have. Please send it to my email

I also have some questions regarding how you prepare the games and activities for your son: what resources did you use to get the ideas for the games and activities? Did you use an curriculum for pre-schoolers? how much time did you spend everyday in searching the info and preparing for the future activities for Eaton? I always feel short of time :(

It looks you laminate a lot of papers. Did you get good deals on laminating pounches? Just curious..


Flawia said...

hello! I saw your blogs info on brillkids before, it's really iteresting, could you send mi some activities on my pm:, my son in 3 years old I'm polish my hub is intalian and we're living in Switzerland :)

key_stuck_on_my_foot said...

Hello Marta,I am a big fan of your blog. First of all I would like to appreciate your effort with Eaton Kudos to you. When I was your video When Eaton was 17 months old you introduced him continent map. Did you buy that map or made by yourself. And how did you taught him? Pls let me know I would like to do the same with my daughter.

Swathi said...

Hi Martha,
I just love your blog and i got inspiration from you to teach my baby.can send me the materials to my email id

BLUEYE said...

Hi Marta
I am polish too. I have been living in USA, Texas for 8 years. I have 2 boys (4y5m and 15m)
I started Doman with the old one when he was 3.5y. Right know we do flash cards, montessori in english and we read the "Elementarz" in polish. With the youngest one we do only Doman as a power point presentation. He does not like "paper words".
Accourding to your post on brillkids we love to do maps and we are huge fans of geography. So thank you for this idea and more another from your blog.
I realy like your activities geography-glob lesson so please could you email me these materials on my email
Thank you

Ada said...

there seem to be a lot of girls from Poland :) - me too, we are leaving in Poland, and pleeease send me this activity too - nadia-ad @
I'm really impressed how you organize that all - I feel that without a prepared curriculum I'll never be able to organize our learing - Muzzy in English, doman words , doman dots- but he doesn't like it, shapes , colors , map - countries etc but I also feel that I lack time :(
take care :)


Szczęśliwa Mama said...

I'm polish mum too. I'm live in Northern Ireland. My girls love watch Eaton's pictures. Your blogg is fantastic.
Please send me this activity too
me e-mail:

Marta said...

I planned to write some post about how I started early learning with Eaton but it seems like it could take me some time to do that. My due date of my second baby is coming so quick and I need to be ready for it! So I will try to answer your question on comment section.

I'm stay home mom. My early learning adventure was an experiment as I didn't know what I was doing. A lot to learn in short period of time. I was available for Eaton to be with him 24 hours a day so I dedicated my day time only for him. Whatever I read on internet I started to use with Eaton. First: babies don't do too much so in the first few months I focused on Bits(bought ones or printed out from internet, BrillKids lessons,educational dvd's only, reading thousands of books and motor skills. Once I had a so called daily routine I started to buy some educational toys: Montessori mostly. These stuff were enough for Eaton at first. Any free time I dedicated for reading new materials, preparing more paper activities and thinking about next learning steps. I was able to prepare in advance file folder games and many other activities. So now I have some kind of system in place and it works for me so far. The main thing is do any lesson every day, even small, short activity is so effective. Be consistent, be dedicated, spend quality time with your baby and have a lot of fun teaching: smile, laugh, be VERY patience and be good observant.

I spent a lot of hours on the floor with Eaton in the first year. Whatever I was doing I was very descriptive: using Polish and English language..
After so much of dedication in the first year I see that it's much easier now to teach Eaton anything.

I still work on my organization and curriculum though! Always trying to improve lessons!

BLUEYE said...

Marta, czy moglabys mi przeslac geography-globe lesson na
Byc moze przeslalas mi wczesniej ale nic nie dostalam wiec podejrzewam, ze bylo w spam. Wiec jesli moglabys jeszcze raz przeslac bylabym wdzieczna
Pozdrawiam z Dallas