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-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Homeschooling Buddy

Not so long ago I found a very interesting post on BrillKids forum. A woman names Sarah (please check her website)  was looking for a person with whom she could correspond regarding homeschooling goals for her 2 little girls. The idea was to find someone who she could write to weekly (or every second week) about goals that would keep her accountable.

Reporting written down goals to someone can keep you motivated to be more consistent with your learning lessons.

But not only that, through a little form with a few simple questions, which you answer each time you exchange your goals, you can see your progress and areas you can work on as a teacher/parent.

Here are questions:
-What were your learning goals for this week?
-Which of these goals did you meet this week?
-What new activities did you do this week? (this could simply be a link to your blog)
-What areas do you think you, as an educator, could improve on next week?
-What are you really proud of yourself and your children for accomplishing this week?
-What are your learning goals for next week?
-What resources do you have to share this week?

I'm really excited about this opportunity to exchange information, tips and ideas with Sarah. I print out my goals and keep records of everything I'm doing on a daily basis. Sarah doesn't realize how that idea already changed my preparation and organization point of view.

Here is my 2 weeks goal schedule for Eaton.

Geography (Globe)

           - Identify directions: North, South, East and West
           - Identify Equator
           - Identify Prime Meridian
           - Identify Northern, Southern, Western, Eastern Hemisphere
           - Identify North and South Pole
           - Identify Longitudes/Latitudes
           - What is a Compass Rose?

             Activities: a) “Label Me”- matching words on the simple map
                               b) Tracing longitudes/latitudes on the map
                               c) Globe related flashcards
-          Abacus slides 20-30; and 31-40;
-          Playing with a mini abacus showing all numbers.
-          BrillKids lesson (still addition)
-          Shape/Color patterns.
Tracing and Mazes

           Do daily tracing and more difficult maze activities; connecting dots: numerals, alphabet
Language Art

-          Identify noun and adjective
-          Reading: “Silly Monkey in the Science Lab”-Identify science words: laboratory, microscope, magnet, experiment, goggles, solid, gas, prediction
-          Reading: “Emily and Mortimer”-Identify friendship words: generous, grateful, depend, agree, honest, arguments, loyal.
-          Daily reading of various books in our library and in polish language

-          Daily piano lessons (Eaton is doing little progress with identifying keyboards) Very short lessons 1min or so.
Practical activities
      -          Outdoor washing toys
-          Sweeping  floor
-          Brushing potatoes
-          Dusting shelves
New activities on the shelf:
-          cutting straws and small piece of paper
-          counting activity
-          matching numbers activity
-          new shape pattern
-          follow that dot (eye training cards)
-          “Solids”
-          Furniture (preparing for a future theme)
-          Swimming pool vocabulary
-          Clothing (preparing for a future theme)
 Foreign Languages:
-          Chinese-DVD’s and CD’s
-          Spanish- Muzzy DVD’s
-          Polish-books and CD’s with stories

Do you have a Homeschooling Buddy?


ruamulla said...

what do u think about Muzzy?? do u like it and where did u buy it??? i am looking to buy the french one??? any advice!!
I just enrolled baby Rkan in a French preschool and would love to work on french at home.

Olives and Pickles said...

Hi Marta I will love to exhange postcards with you, please e-mail me for details.

Marta said...

My Eaton started to watch Muzzy when he was about 19/20 months old and since then he started to progress, watching more often, then he started to ask for Muzzy. I show him dvd's in Spanish so far. I bought that program from but at that time(about year ago) you could buy it with few languages included: I have Spanish, French, German, Italian and English. I'm not sure if they still offer it. I see on their site that you need to choose one language only.

It's hard for me to say that I would recommend it. Eaton loves it but I'm not sure about other toddlers. It is a slow movie though! Muzzy character is funny and Eaton likes his space ship!!

ruamulla said...

SOOO. I did order Muzzy and yes they do ship it with all of the languages u mention above. i think i will also benefit from it as I will be learning french with Rkan. Thanks for the replay.
I like how organized u are :-) and this is one thing that I am really bad in. I am going to try a theme unit every now and then and start being organized from their. Am thinking about something simple to start with like APPLE Theme...Traaaa. am searching for activities and info and will let u know what was it about if u r interested and if it was successful.
Bye Marta and eaton.
By the way, I am seriously following you as a curriculum for my Baby so if u dont mind include my email address for all the activity sheets u send to others who request them
Thanks again.

Bri said...

Marta, if you're creating a sender's list, just go ahead and put our email on there, too! :) That would be awesome.

BLUEYE said...

If you don't mind please put mu email on this a sender's list. too
Jak zawsze pozdrawiamy was goraca z Dallas

Marta said...

Please, update me about your progress with themes concept. I found something about apples for you ;-)

Having one theme for all activities didn't work for Eaton, but maybe it will work for your Rkan!
Take care!

Marta said...

I had a plan in mind to create a list like that but the reason was that I couldn't find a way to share my ppt. files with you. But yesterday I did found the solution. I will be sharing files through Scribd. They don't change the format of my files. Please let me know how that works. I will be slowly updating all my files I have on my blog.

Have a great day!

Marta said...

Patty from Olives and Pickles,

Please write me an email about postcards as I have a trouble to find out your email address from your website. It asks me about creating new profile and I don't know how to go around that. Sorry..