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-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Monday, January 31, 2011

Teaching the Concept of Time

Few months ago I purchased "Telling Time" DVD by Munchkin Math (I recommend to buy it by the way). I was showing that movie to Eaton once a while, mostly in the car when we had long drive to the Town.
This video was taken at 22 months.

Because we will have  lessons about telling time for the next few weeks I've created little activity: download here. The rhyming song from Telling Time comes very useful at this point:)

I was fortunate to purchase CD from Montessori Print Shop for a fraction of the amount that included tons of printouts. I will be included that in my curriculum too. This type of flashcards/activities is easy to make anyway.
Here is the picture of time flashcards I will use for teaching Eaton.
Telling time by hours will be only a reminder for Eaton as he already knows them. The difficult part will be more with telling time to the minutes.
I almost forgot to mention BrillKids program that have files ready to use. I will use them in my curriculum as well.

Enjoy your day!


Ewa said...

I like your "Telling the Time" unit. It is so well prepared. Rhyming Eaton is such a cutie :-). By the way, I would like to thank you once more for the globe printables thanks to them Kuba can name all the globe related items. Antek is next to try ;-)Have a nice day;-)

Marta said...

You very welcome. I'm glad that someone else benefited from this activity.
The idea came to me when Eaton was playing with his car and the globe. He was reading the globe: tropics, countries etc. I was talking back to him naming some of other stuff, but then the idea came to me: I can create some extra beginning activity with a globe as a theme if Eaton loves it so much.
Enjoy your day Ewa!

ruamulla said...

Dear Marta. How did u get the discount in the CD for Montessori print shop??? is it the discount in the website here