"You're BRAVER than you believe,
STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Friday, February 4, 2011


Is it too early to teach 25 months old toddler abacus?
 Absolutely not! 

The reason I wanted to teach Eaton abacus was that he didn't like Doman Red Dots presentations. He always was saying NO to me when I tried to show him dots! 
I wanted to teach him how to do mental equations and of course I was reading some articles on Internet about benefits of teaching an abacus and how that influences brain development.

We didn't have any abacus at home but I saw Eaton playing with one of them in Target, whenever we visited that store. I did some research and decided to go with Soroban-Japanese abacus.

I found this website that use Soroban to teach math and decided to buy the whole set of books that comes with plastic abacus.

You can see some inside pages of these books over here:

and workbooks

 My plan is to educate myself in order to teach my baby and this set of books looked simple enough for myself to learn from.
After reading a post by Shen-Li I decided to buy Pacchi-mini abacus. I thought it would be great to introduce this type of abacus first, as it has only 3 rods (ones, tens, hundreds), bigger, color beads and is made of wood.

But because Eaton discovered this cool clearing device on the plastic abacus it is now his favor.

Other sources I use to teach Eaton abacus are:

The video I'm going to show you was made yesterday(Eaton 25 months old) after our dancing time. YES! I'm in the 8th month of pregnancy and run after my baby, clapping and cheering to the rhyme of the well known song "Down by the station" (I will post it in next few days). So don't be surprised of my screaming voice as I tried to catch my breath. Eaton grabbed plastic abacus and I wanted to have that on a video.

Time for a first presentation of Eaton's knowledge about abacus.

Abacus Lesson #1 ( Parts of the abacus)

Do you teach your baby abacus? I would like to know other method of teaching. Please share!


Tracy said...

You have inspired me to give an abacus a try. I'll have to look into the program myself. I've never really taught math using one so like you I'd have to learn how to use it along with my daughters.

Marta said...

I was thinking about teaching abacus for so long because I didn't know how to use it properly myself. It seems very logical and straighforword so far. My only concern is if I will be able to teach him mental arithmetic. This set of books teaches that by imagining the abacus and beads but still... I guess we will always have some concerns as parents ;-)

Take care

ruamulla said...

lela said...

Marta hello, can you tell us how are you doing with soroban now?? I am considering it myself.

Marlita said...

ditto! looking forward to your reply. also, i have to say thank you! ds is 29 months now and dd is 7 months. for the last three years (since pregnancy with ds) i have felt alone and in unchartered waters, feeling compelled to teach my son as much as i could early in life, but really making it up as i go without much of a sounding board to help guide me in what was reasonable to expect, aside from youtube searches to see if anyone has gone before and thinking to myself, 'if they can, so can we :-)'. my most recent search was on the abacus, as i scoured the internet to decide which i felt was the best one ... and i came across your site. this post opened my world because without it i wouldn't have come across the brillkids forums, nor the other blogs with posts about early learning. i can't say thank you enough. in my research for teaching my infant/toddler i had recently come across doman and others, but had not come across a supportive forum, nor other believers of teaching so early. until now, i have kept a bit quiet about what we've been doing, only because i didn't want others to feel that i was bragging about my children. because i now know i'm not the onlt one on this path, i finally feel like it's ok to talk about their capabilities and that it will come across like how it is meant - proudly, not boastfully. more importantly, i feel like there finally exists a group of people for me to seek advice and share experiences along the way. i'm looking forward to sharing our journey too, and again, thank you for sharing with us and inspiring me! i know my our family and many others will be better off because you shared :-)

Anonymous said...

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Gurunath said...

Hi Marta,

Can u pls let me know where to get this book ?.

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