"You're BRAVER than you believe,
STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Insects-Encyclopedic Knowledge And Insects File Folder Games

We had a little bit interruption during our Insects-Encyclopedic Knowledge lessons. Nathaniel-my second baby came along, and we needed to stop for about 3 weeks period. Now, we resume our lessons again.

Insects Encyclopedic Knowledge Cards I bought from the well known website: Gentle Revolution. Set #1 includes insects like:

*Two-Spotted Ladybug
*Ladybird Beetle
*Giant Walking Stick
*Differential Grasshopper
*Little Black Ant
*Subterranean Termite
*Periodical Cicada
*Monarch Butterfly

To make these lessons more appealing to Eaton I created activity that became hit for him-"Searching for a bug-Set 1"

I included pictures of the same bugs found in Encyclopedic Knowledge cards.
All you need is magnifying glass!

I recorded the end of Eaton's activity:

To addition to that you can find downloads to all Insect File Folders I created.

 1) Matching activity-recognition of insects and not insects (picture to picture)

2) Matching pictures to written words

3) "What Insect Is This?

4) This is more advanced activity for later use (matching pictures to a particular Not Insect category).

5) Poster of all bugs included in this set of activities. (Please be aware that these insects names are not the same like in a EK cards).



Discovering Montessori said...

Congratulations!! Thank you so much for sharing your printables. I have been scouring the internet looking for exactly this. Looking foreward to your postings.

Ewa said...

First of all congratulations on your new angel;-)I was thinking of you these days very often. Hoping everything is all right (I was thinking about your delivery and tsunami and the combination of both- I know I'm crazy ;-)) I'm happy that there are four of you now ;-). I was also waiting in anticipation for your new posts. This one is fabulous and of high quality as always.
Big kisses for the brave parents, lovely older brother and a new cutie ;-)

Olives and Pickles said...

Congratulations with your new baby!!
So happy for you great mama!

Just to let you know I just posted a raffle to help Japan.
If you are interested on helping you are more than welcome to participate.
thank you : )


Bri @ intrepidinsight said...

Congratulations and Welcome Nathaniel to the world! We are happy to have you!

Marta said...

Thank you ladies!
Patty, I already used some other source to help Japan, but thank you for letting me know:)

Congratulations to you too! I just read your post that you are expecting! What a wonderful news ;-)