"You're BRAVER than you believe,
STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Toys And Activities

Recently I added few more toys and some activities to our lessons.

1. Geometry: matching geometrical 3 dimensional shapes to cards (cards are from Montessori Print Shop and wood shapes are from Montessori and Such)

2. Matching shapes: This is the cumulation of all shapes Eaton was exposed to. I created that activity from Montessori For Everyone.

3. Sharpening a pencil

4. Practicing adjectives: matching feeling words to faces(activity taken from Childcareland)

5. "Are they the same?" Eaton's communication is much better than the first time we used that activity few months ago. We work on describing differences between transportations. (Activity taken from Prekinders)

6. Opposite cards. I put these cards again on our shelf. Eaton still loves to read them. And it's good motor skill activity as these cards are laminated and stapled together so it's a little  bit hard to open them.

7. Geoboard: Eaton creates shapes so far. I have a sheet with all kinds of shapes that came with the Geoboard. I plan to cut shapes individually so Eaton can work on creating one shape at a time: example-creating a house from rubber bands.
(Geoboard bought at Montessori and Such but you can easily create your own or purchase affordable versions at Amazon. The reason I bought this version is that it looked bulky and it could be easier for a toddler to work with. And it is perfect for Eaton's hand!) 

8. Bolts and nuts. (Activity purchased at Montessori Equipment) You can also purchased bolts and nuts at the hardware store and present them in the bowl.)

9. Sequencing-Montessori and Such

13. Punctuation marks with activity: finding punctuations in the book. Eaton loves this activity.

14. Magnets: Restaurant. I bought that activity at thrift store for 25 cents. It's a great tool for having conversations with a baby.

I present this activity together with "In The Town" -matching activity from Kidzclub. I plan to create some activity to show how to order food from restaurant as Eaton started to say magic word PLEASE!

You can find other Imaginetics with different topics on Amazon like: Visit to the Pet Vet Imaginetics.

16. Sensory Tub. I created this box from materials from previous activities. Eaton's favorite activity at this time!! He added some carrots and tongs from the shelf.

17. We still read books about Nouns and Adjectives. Eaton likes them both, they are funny and Eaton has fun to read them and to find specific words. I plan to introduce Montessori noun/adjective activity and these books help us to be prepared for it.

This is an example of Eaton being silly reading adjective book. He didn't really finish it. But that's OK. We have lots of this kind of days!

18. "Three Of A Kind" activity. 

Next, we grabbed some animals we already had and we were looking for 3 of the same kind, or more if we had. We were talking about being the same and the same kind and what is the difference between these two.

18.Using tongs. Eaton was feeding his bunny named Sid (guess what inspired Eaton to name him like that?)

That's all for now :-)


Olives and Pickles said...

Wonderful Activities..I like all of them..Can you please tell me where did your print the Matching Shapes you have the link?
Thank you

Montessori Print Shop said...

Thank you for your link to our Montessori materials. We hope you're finding them helpful!

Pani Tanguera i Gabiƛ said...

I love Eaton feeding his bunny... so too cute!
Cheers form the north,