"You're BRAVER than you believe,
STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Greater than/Less than activity with poem

I prepared a simple activity to work with Eaton on math subject Greater than/Less than. Because Eaton is familiar with that subject from  Peter Weatherall DVD-Musical Maths, alligator sign was the one who was in my mind.

There is a poem sheet with a craft stick with an eye. It's a mini version of a stick which idea I found on Counting Coconuts site. The reason for using it is that I used to point to each word to Eaton when I read to him, and he still prefers when I read. I think that maybe pointing with that stick will encourage him to read by himself. Although he does read by himself,  I would like to see it more often. We will see if that stick has some magic power ;-)
The poem I found on this very interesting site Songs For Teaching. I just added some pictures to match my activity.

The alligator sign you can download below my post. You can attach or draw some alligator eyes for more fun and attach two parts with brass-plated fasteners. For the equal sign, you can print another set of jaws and leave them loose.

I included some pictures of pizza you can print out and use it itself or glue them on water bottle tops like I did for durability purposes.

Eaton, of course, found another use of alligator!

You can download Alligator Poem and Greater Than/Less Than alligator HERE.

Have a great math activity!


ruamulla said...

what a neat Math idea.
i started Jones Geniuses math with Rkan last month. but stuck teaching him backword counting!!!! any creative technique u suggest???

ruamulla said...

beside is hawai a good place to visit in september???? am doing my search now and love to know from u also.
Thank you

Ewa said...

I like your alligator helper ;-) A great way to teach greater than less than ;-) I will definitely use your idea when the time comes for Antek to learn these concepts ;-)

ruamulla said...

Marta .
are those wodden plates from montessori shop???

Marta said...

Nope! They are bamboo plates from Walmart :-)

Marta said...

Rua, About backward counting. I started with a book from a library when they had rocket picture with counting from 10-1 and "blast off" at the end. It worked perfectly. Since then Eaton runs and counts at the beginning. He plays with racing cars and counts backward.You can also try addition line and counting backward, but that rocket was a HIT with Eaton.

Is it good to visit Hawaii in September? Any time is good :) Kids are back in school,and there can be less tourists on the beach :)!Do you plan to visit Big Island and Kona? Would be great to meet you in person :)!!!

ruamulla said...

Dear Marta... I will definitly visit the big Island and of course we have to meet although Rkan wont be with me to meet eaton ;-( I am going to Arizona for a dental course with a friend and thought of visiting Hawaii.
What other island do u recommend the best. We are thinking about Maui. Is it nice????
Email me yr. phone # and I will call u if we do it !
Do I book flight from Big Island to Maui through expedia and travelocity or do u recommend special websites????

Anonymous said...

the link is gone now ! please contact me