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STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Monday, September 12, 2011

Free Printable Homeschooling Binder Labels

Recently my life is all about organization. I organize my books, shelf, computer files, closets, kitchen menu and prepare some folders to be ready for homeschooling with Eaton. Although, we already can consider Eaton's activities as doing homeschooling, I want to have a place where I will put all my activities and curriculum based on a subjects in one place. 
I'm working on making some folder labels for: mathematics, language, history, botany, zoology, science, art, music, foreign language etc.

3  of them are ready to use: botany, zoology and mathematics. If  you like to have them please write me your email so I can send you original files and you can change sizes for your needs. You need to have some knowledge of Power Point program in order to make any changes. 
I created labels for the size of Heavy Duty folders that hold 700 sheets and are 4 inches wide.

some extra pictures from different angles

I also purchased Contents dividers similar to: Classic Ready Index Table of Contents Divider that allow me to organize smarter and see all my activities written down on the first page once the binder is open. 

 I have 31 dividers in each binder. I can use these pages to write down any information about particular activity: date of introduction, date of mastery etc.

Each activity is in individual pocket. Using White Shipping Labels (250 labels) I print out the name, type and the source of activity.

I have a Pocket Insertable dividers too for any A4 pages or CD's I want to store.

All together seems a lot but it allows me to organize everything the way I want it.

I almost forget to mention that all labels I printed out on yellow printing paper. It looks much better than on a white one.

Have a great week everyone!


Faye said...

Hi Marta,
I want to have a copy of the files. Please send it to

I am very impressed with your organization. Good job!!

I have a questions about your Eaton's schooling. Is he completely home schooled? or you still send him to a outside toddler program a couple of hours a day? I wonder if you use homeschooling to complement his outside learning.

With two kids at home, you must be very busy. Please take good care of yourself!!


Marta said...

Thank you Faye,

I'm going to send you these files now.
We are on the waiting list again as far as 2 days a week preschool goes. There was some mistake made when transferring my files, so we need to wait again.
The preschool Eaton use to go accept children up to 4 years and it's up to him how long he will attend it. I think it will be time soon when he will be bored with that. I'm thinking more about Montessori school we have on the Island, but this idea is still in the air.
Take care Faye,

Ada said...

Marta, jesli mogę prosić to podeślij mi te etykiety na maila nadia-ad , śliczne są ! :)

Anonymous said...

Cześć, czy ja też mogę prosić na maila

Anonymous said...

I would love the files also!
Thank you!