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Monday, September 26, 2011

Matrix Math

About a week ago I received Matrix Math in our mailbox. We were waiting for that package so long!! Not because service from Jones Geniuses company is bad (they send the package next 2 days after my conversation with Chris-the man behind the customer service phone) but because delivery to Hawaii takes so much time. 
Anyway, we received that package and I couldn't wait to start first activity with Eaton. 

You can read about Matrix Math on Elizabeth's website who did amazing review! After going through the package and watching introductory Matrix Math DVD I can tell that Elizabeth's review is very true.

 My idea is to present some activities from that program and report Eaton's progress so I will not be writing what is included. The idea of the level 1 Matrix Math is to teach addition and subtraction based on dots. The knowledge of proper situation of dots makes addition and subtraction easier. And that leads to mental math performed with ease.
Here is a picture from my package. (I forgot to include DVD I started to watch)

 This is my folder I prepared. I made few copies of extra dot cards, I laminated them. Also, I created some extra cards for Eaton to practice counting backwards from 20 and bigger/smaller number idea. Old activity from Childcareland is very handy for placing dots activity. All together there is some work that needs to be done.

So far, Eaton is very excited about tracing dots on numbers. He already did that many times. I think I chosen good time as tracing and handwriting is his favorite activity.

Here is Eaton doing connect dots activity for the first time. (Number 4 has a different way of tracing than traditional way).
The idea of this activity is to remember the placement of dots on the number as well as understand idea of assigning numbers of dots to a number. At the same time a child can learn backward counting as well.

I will be posting Eaton's progress about that program.

I almost forgot to mention that Chris invited me to a seminar with Dr. Jones (through Internet) where I could ask questions about this program. You can call Chris and find out more about programs they offer as well as new seminars that are coming out (Phone is visible on the first picture).

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

I am a bit surprised that you are starting this program late. Are there any reasons for it? Because the recommended age for this program is 2+ and I know few others who started as soon as their kid turned 24months old.


Marta said...

I don't follow programs age recommendations.My son tells me when he is ready for something. I don't think that baby at 24 months is able to write-mine wasn't. There are only few steps before doing worksheets so I didn't want to do them first and then stop and wait until Eaton can write. I wanted to have a flow in all program. Eaton also need to show me that he can count backwards from 20 without looking at numbers. I didn't see that either. Besides that, whenever I presented any math activity Eaton always was saying NO to it. So I didn't rush. But now I see he really enjoys doing these dots activities. Now we work on placements dots on numbers. For us it was a good decision to wait. If someone started earlier that's great. I want my baby to enjoy activities. Also, he was very occupied with prewriting and grammar lessons.