"You're BRAVER than you believe,
STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Friday, September 2, 2011

Weaning the baby

As you could see I didn't post recently anything new. The reason is that I spent quality time with my baby Eaton who recently became "independent" of me. After 31 months of nourishing, the time came to wean Eaton. I really did that with sadness. I loved that time of breastfeeding, having Eaton close to me. I loved that bond between us.

For 5 months I was breastfeeding 2 boys. At the beginning that was a challenge but after 3-4 months Eaton asked for milk less often, and I decided to stop feeding at this point.  Eaton didn't like that too much. He was fussing a lot for a week. The most difficult part was the morning time when he used to be fed at 5 am. After almost 2 weeks of trying to figure out how to handle that situation I discovered very important thing.

Because, I'm the person who kisses and hugs babies all the time..( Really !! I do that a lot!) I didn't realize that there was a need for a special XOXO session. Because Eaton got used to the closeness of me in the morning he needed a special quality time with me instead of nourishing. Few days ago we just started  sessions of hugs and kisses in the morning where we lay down on the couch at 5:30 in the morning and look at the sunrise together!!! We talk about our previous night's dreams, touching our skins, whispering to our ears... This is really very precious morning time with my toddler.

Since the implementation of that quality time I have great time with Eaton during the day. He doesn't fuss, he is not jealous about feeding Nathaniel, everything came to normal like before. We will continue doing our morning routine until he will tell me that it is OK. But I hope it will last for a while because it's a sweet, precious time we have and I don't want to  loose it :-)

I'm just glad that I could figure it out what was the problem and how to fix it. I'm glad I took that time off and that I was able to work it out. Now I can post again and you should see some post coming out pretty soon as Eaton is doing great improvements in some areas of his development.
Goodnight! As here is 9 pm!
Bless you all!


ruamulla said...

Bless you and yr family

Ewa said...

It's fantastic that you have found a way to substitute the breastfeeding with something so cute and valuable for both of you :-)

We also do the kiss and hug session even with Kuba so I guess you will have a lot of them as well for a long long time ;-)


Marta said...

Rua, Thank you so much!
Ewa! Glad to hear that it can last for some time :)

Bri @ intrepidinsight said...

Josiah has several times a day that he just needs to be held. He'll walk up and hug my legs and when I bend down to rub his back, he'll pull my arms down to wrap him up. And of course I do. Then I just stand there and hold him for a few minutes, until he pulls away. I rub his back and whisper to him, etc. and he just stays there wrapped around my neck and patting my back . It is so sweet. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'll have to remember this when Constance is born. :) Thanks for the reminder.

Marta said...

Sweet moments!
Also, I love when Eaton asks for a hug and then he plays with my hair. OOO good feeling!!