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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Calendar, Weather and Seasons

Preparing calendar was not easy task for me. 
First, the layout I had in my mind didn't fit in my "school area". (That's how Eaton named his area where we have lessons). 
Second, the apple calendar I ordered on Amazon came with a surprise. That was totally different calendar than the one I ordered.
Third: I couldn't decide which calendar to use. I bought another paper calendar in my local store after my failure with Amazon. But, still I wasn't totally satisfied. I waited for something to happen. Eaton wasn't ready either so there was no rush with that. In my local Office Max store I found magnetic calendar. I just looked at this and had this feeling of being RIGHT! That's it! I bought it and I'm really happy with it and I think Eaton likes it too because he always go toward that colorful place.
At 34/35 months I see that Eaton is ready to work with the calendar. He listens questions about dates, follows my direction etc..
This is the final look of our calendar/dates/seasons area

I decided to keep that area limited to the calendar and seasons only. The reason is that it is a LOT to teach just from this simple calendar and a seasonal chart. I didn't want to overwelm the look with other topics like:shapes, money etc.. 

 This is how I orginized that area.
Calendar: Like I mentioned it is magnetic board that came with a pen only. Yellow squares with numbers came with the paper calendar. I laminated squares and put magnetic circles on the back. This way Eaton can pick up one square and see the message underneath (if there is one). The paper calendar came with many squares that mark different holidays so I'm glad I don't have to create that :-)

To mark specific day we have another magnetic circle I borrowed from my husband's board.

As I mentioned I didn't have enough space in my "school area", so I came up with the simple solution. I attached some parts of the calendar to the "shoe rack" shelf on top of it. It works pretty awesome so far.

This corner is a "seasonal corner" with a chart that came with a paper calendar. I put some books about seasons for display. Currently, I teach Eaton some things about each season, so I change books on display a lot. I have quite a few purchased from thrift stores, each for 25 cents.

 Shelf underneath I use to storage some stuff related to calendar: worksheets, books, matching cards etc..

This is another look of season chart.

Some of the books we read: Curious George is still on our shelf, Eaton loves to spin the seasonal wheel in it.

Here is the sample list of what you can teach the baby using calendar:
1) days of the week:names
2) months of the year
3) before/after; what month is after..ex: February
4) how many days do we have in a week
5) how many months do we have in a year
6) month of your birthday
7) months of your family members birthday
8) what year is now
9) what year is next
10) what year was before 2011
11) in what year you were born
12) today is, tomorrow will be, yesterday was
13) practicing saying the whole date: Today is November 10, 2011
     Practicing seasons
14) how many seasons do we have in a year
15) before/ after; what season is before winter, what season is after summer
16) what months are in each season
17) types of weather: sunny, cloudy, partly cloudy, rainy, snowy etc..
18) how many days do we have in specific month+poem/song about that

I'm sure there is more to add to this simple list. This is just what came to my mind writing that post.

Have a GREAT day TO EVERYONE who read my blog!


K said...

What a hard work!!!:)

We attached "type of clouds" section and "czytanki-wygupianki" to our calendar.

"Czytanki wygłupianki": cards with simple instructions for Staś to read and follow (example: Jump high with your eyes closed, etc)

And at the very beginning I asked Staś to show each day using the beads- we do not do that anymore. Now Staś is asked to write the date.

Discovering Montessori said...

The best calendar set up I ever seen! Great work!! I am so doing this. Thank you for sharing.

Urszula said...

Bardzo podoba nam sie Wasz kalendarz :) My powoli obmyslamy nasza wersje. Jesli chodzi o czesc "swiateczna', polecilabym pozycje "Swieta i obyczaje" z serii 'Swiat wokol nas' z ilustracjami Jolanty Adamus. Jest to 20 plansz na temat najwazniejszych swiat obchodzonych w Polsce. Do kazdej z plansz dolaczony jest opis (pochodzenie, charakter swieta, zwyczaje, ciekawosttki i material jezykowy tj. przyslowia czy powiedzenia). A do sluchania i nucenia plyty z serii Elementarz Piosenki :) Daj znac, jesli chcesz namiary na te pozycje.

Ewa said...

I am so behind in reading my favorite blogs ;-( So many things to do and so little time ;-(

Your calendar display is great. I like your idea of making a calendar corner. I am working hard to make one that would fit our needs but as you know from experience - that's not an easy task. So happy you found yours!!!!

Have a great day

Marta said...

Thank you ladies for all your nice comments. Calendar is set up and I feel happy that it works.
Urszula, thank you for all your files. They are just on time as I think about doing some Holidays related lessons with Eaton.Eaton asks for Polish so much that these files are great just for reading ;-)
K. czytanki-wyglupianki, oj tak chcialabym miec jakies polskie materialy tu na Hawajach, brakuje nam tego. Te pierwsze ksiazeczki po polsku dla maluchow, oj oj oj, lezka sie zakrecila :)

Ewo, no tak z tym czasem nie jest latwo, tyle ciekawosci na internecie: blogi, artykuly, videa, tyle niesamowitosci, a tu zwykly kalendarz tyle czasu pochlania hahahaha. No, ale jakis DUZY pozytek z tego ma byc :)

Pozdrwiam serdecznie,
gubie literki, oczka sie kleja, czas spac..

BebeMom said...

Hi Marta,
Your calendar area is amazing, and I really want to do so with my 2yr son. Do you think it is too early to teach him about dates & seasons? I can stop thinking of making it right now :)

Marta said...

Hi BebeMom,
I don't think that teaching your baby about dates and seasons is too early. The question we should ask is if he is ready for a calendar presentation. I thought my boy names of days, months and seasons through books-visual presentations and flashcards (names of days and months). Also, I used some video songs (Spanish/English). Books are the best source to show seasons. There is this bond between a parent and a baby while reading books. You can talk about each season using so many different adjectives with simple pictures. So when your boy sees a calendar after that, he is familiar with a terminology and that is just a graph presentation of these stuff. Another thing is if you introduced math-numbers to your boy. My way of teaching is to have some flow in teaching. That means to teach one thing (like names of the days or months) and then introduce different thing-like a calendar with some of the stuff your baby already knows, so it's easier to him to learn. Then there is this nice flow in teaching and your baby is happier because he is proud of himself that he knows something already while learning something new. You can always introduce the calendar and if it will not work you can put aside for later. I also realized that when I introduce something to my boy Eaton he is not ready for, and I leave it on a shelf, he looses interest when I try to start lessons with him.
What I love about early learning the most is that I can give you some tips from my experience but each baby needs to be treated individually and YOU only as a parent can decide what's right for your baby.

I know your feeling.. I couldn't wait to introduce that calendar to Eaton. Still, I'm not sure why ;-)

Aloha BebeMom :)

Would love to see your new calendar on your blog

BebeMom said...

Marta, your experience is so worth for me. I am encouraged to continue with the teaching. Thank you :-)