"You're BRAVER than you believe,
STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Sunday, January 22, 2012


I mentioned in my previous post that I subscribed to a Science A-Z website that allow me to have ready to use books for Eaton. Other reason than lack of time to prepare materials is that our local Island library doesn't have many books we could borrow and learn from it. I would need to buy books from Internet like Amazon but it is more cost per book. 
Science A-Z have many things I really like when teaching Eaton.

* Their books whatever topics are divided into 3 levels: from the easy one with less words to more difficult with more words and advanced vocabulary. I love this presentation with Eaton. I see how far he is interested in a subject.

You can see number of words on each leveled book.

Level 1 book has less words. Level 2 and 3 more words with advanced vocabulary.

I divided them using color coding .
*Additional to books they have something I call "Light Reading Pages". Pages of interesting facts about magnets. These are sort of newspaper articles with pictures you can talk about with your kid. Some of them are leveled with difficulty some of them are not.

* They have all sort of cards you can present as flashcards, matching activity or file folder. I will be doing all of them because I like to present subject from different angles. It is sort of repeating but also checking Eaton's knowledge of vocabulary. And because Eaton is very visual person he loves this sort of activities.

* Science A-Z has Unit Quiz you can apply at the end of the teaching a subject. It is very easy to understand for 3 years old early learner.

* The last thing they have that is just SO COOL and helpful with my Eaton is Science Fair project Ideas. Many questions that gives Eaton a lot to think about and you can use them as science projects. Great idea!

Of course all these materials are explain in easy way, there is a section on the website you can print out and keep it as a lesson plan or direction for using materials.
I really like that Science A-Z, highly recommend to parents whose child loves to read.

All these are paper materials of course, and now I will show you some hands on projects I use from Lakeshore. I was able to purchase that with a huge discount from Internet.

Set includes 14 different hands on magnet activities.
 Here is one of the activities explaining Magnetic Poles.

Of course you can buy some of these magnets separately and collect all these info and activities on Internet, but like I said, at this time in our teaching experience I will be doing some purchases of materials.

In this magnetic set there are lots of materials that I can use with Eaton. Also, I can give some to Nathaniel to play with as he always wants to do something what his older brother is interested in. Besides that, Eaton likes to do activity at the same time with me so there is enough materials for all of us to play with.

I'm really glad that these 2 sets: Science A-Z and Lakeshore materials are supplementing each other. Eaton needs both of them, he loves to read books. I'm so emotionally moved when I see Eaton reading questions in Science A-Z books, answer them and use magnets to support the answer. He is learning how to teach and he applies that with his younger brother Nathan. Sometimes Eaton sits with me in front of Nathaniel and show him flashcards and small books the way I do it... OO so nice.. but I think that is not  the subject of this post ;-) 

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

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Ruzzel said...

Marta, thank you for sharing this post. Science a-z is such a big help. Mahalo again...