"You're BRAVER than you believe,
STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Monday, February 27, 2012

Using A Ruler

This is a very simple activity for a 3 year old child. My Eaton likes to play with a ruler. I added a direction in order for him to do that activity when I'm not around
Generally, Eaton moves A LOT!!! 
Constant movement whatever he does. So these movements are reflected on pictures. At least Eaton can see that to do certain things he needs to be still ;-)
Pictures taken about 2 months ago (3 years even) still practicing using rulers.

Eaton ended up with using a stapler
Here are some pages you can use for this activity.


ruamulla said...

Dear Marta, I think u will like this esp the PRICE.

Marta said...

Thank you so much for thinking about me:) I already have that kind of set of flags. I purchased them very long time ago, but didn't use it yet. Price is great that for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marta,

I am looking fwd to seeing more posts on Nathaniel's development. Is he like Eaton in his development--in his reading and Montessori skills? With Eaton, we saw only the end result of early learning because he had already started reading when you began his website. So I was hoping we could see your teaching method in progress with Nathaniel.


Discovering Montessori said...

Tis is a wonderful activity. Thank you so much for sharing:)

Marta said...

Discovering Montessori,
You very welcome :)

Please visit my other blog I try to do best to update that too:) My teaching with Nathaniel is very simple and there is not too much to show because most of flashcards I use on the computer now. Nathaniel prefers that way. But I will update my other blog as I have few things in my mind to share with.