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STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Count Out!

Eaton still likes to count to 10 so I gave him another simple activity that requires some stamps (we used Do A Dot Art stamps), marbles and a printout. I printed out  pages from Montessori Print Shop site but you can easily create something like that for your child.


Lisa said...

Love these sorts of activities! The stamps look great.

Marta said...

Thank you Lisa!

Bri @ intrepidinsight said...

Marta! I just came across something wonderful for teaching math facts in a visual way and thought of you guys! Google number bonds and also number bond bracelets! I am SOOOO excited right now! Going to make some number bond bracelets RIGHT now.

Marta said...

From what I see you are talking about family numbers. I just prepared similar activity, very visual and Eaton seems catch the idea pretty quick. I will post about it.
Thanks for posting:)!

Courtney said...


I have been following your blog for about a year now, and I'm so inspired by what you do! We also 'homeschool' our 2 year old, and have been for a while. I was just wondering, how many hours a day do you devote to lessons, and what is a typical day like for you guys? How do you incorporate 2 children into the mix? Do you take breaks in-between lessons? I'm just wondering, because Eaton seems so attentive at each lesson. How do you deal with him not being attentive?

sorry for the load of questions, I've been meaning to ask you for some time now!

Thank you so much!

Marta said...

Hi Courtney,
It's great to hear that my blog and all these activities inspire someone :)
1. How many hours a day I devote to teaching? If you think about teaching in our school area so probably at this point the average time would be around 30-40 min. Really. Reason is that it is the time in his life when he wants to play a lot. By playing I mean pretend play when we learn tons. He talks to his cars, we make "pretend" our lunches at Jack-in-the Box.We make our shakes, we talk about the sequence of doing it, where the food comes from,types of products, advertising, pricing, price tags etc. But cars oo boy..he is just CRAZY about them.
When cruise ship comes to Kona Harbor we talk about tourism and people that visit our Island. It's a constant learning environment.Besides, I'm staying home mom. My job is to be with him, teaching him good manners, directing him, teaching him how to take care of little brother, how to play with him etc.. we do other projects outside,lots of gardening, playing in the pool, nature walks etc.
Typical day: waking up (around 7)with Nathaniel before the rest of the family (most of the time). Reading/playing montessori toys with him.
I exercise before 8 am. When after 8 I don't. Husband prepares breakfast/mommy takes shower/kids outside or playing around the house
8-8:30 breakfast
Daddy goes to his office (he works from home most of the time)
Mommy and kids playing/learning/teaching time.
Most of the time we are outside the rest of the day getting dirty!!
Bathtime 6-6:30pm
Dinner:Daddy comes, he takes care of kids and I cook.
Music/dancing time when I cook.
Dinner time: we all sit at table talking about our day.
7:30-8pm putting Nathaniel down (me)
9-9:30 Eaton goes sleep (daddy.
I clean the kitchen.
Few hours to myself in the evening.
I used to go to preschool twice a week but because of one of the incidents there they made impossible for me to attend the preschool(I still debating to write about it on the blog or not).
We attend twice a week gimnastics class, Yan-our Chinese girl comes once a week to spend some time with Eaton. We used to attend other park time playgroup, but Eaton was bored, he looks for something more interesting.
So for now we don't have too much of outside schedule. Everything ended up so recently and I plan to incorporate some other activities for both guys.

I tried to have a schedule during the day devoted only to teaching at specific time when Nathaniel takes 1,5 hours of nap but it didn't work with Eaton. So whenever he is ready I'm ready too:)

When he doesn't want to touch anything from school area that's fine with me. We simply don't do that. But we reads lots of books during the day and he learns a lot from them.
As far as teaching both of them during the day: Nathaniel constantly brings books to me, I read to him between playing with Eaton and his ramps. When I do some project with Eaton I give Nathaniel something interesting to do where he will be busy for a while. He loves playing with cubes of ice or transferring water in the kitchen sinks or MY RED BEANS!! He loves them, but then I have tons of cleaning ;-)
For now I don't really sit and do nothing when they play, that happens really rarely.Early years are so important and I want to give them my best I can.

I hope that answer your questions.
Thanks for your comment Courtney,
Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!