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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chinese Language-Update

Where is Eaton as far as Chinese language? 

Being honest I thought that Eaton's progress would be further that it is now. It's not about Eaton's capabilities but it's about provided resources. 
When I posted my ad about Chinese teacher/tutor that was about  a year ago I couldn't find anyone interested. I spend 2 months trying to find Chinese person until I found someone who is young and could spend time with Eaton playing and having fun and at the same time read some books and do other activities.

I can tell that not everyone can provide that service. Eaton still sees that girl once a week for 4 hours but I see that he starts to be bored with that and I will give you some strong reason for that.

Facts are:

1. Lack of dedication and capabilities to present materials to a child. Even though I provided materials: books, printable materials etc. they are not presented the way they should be. I tried to teach/show how that should be done but it didn't help. I tried different ways but some people are not capable to do that.
2. Lack of understanding a child. Eaton needs conversations with adults on certain level. Yeah, you would think it's just a kid.! But he enjoys being around adults because he can  learn something from them, they are more interesting than most of the children of his age. Eaton adores conversations with adults and Chinese person can not provide that.
3.Being interesting is another problem. I can provide amazing tools but they are not shown proper fun, entertaining way for 3 years old. 

Because of that I started to search for another Chinese person. This time I was focused on finding a teacher/private tutor who would have experience with teaching children. It's really not easy to find that person on the Island. Most of them teach adults. But few days ago I found someone/a teacher and I'm so eager to see her in action with Eaton. They already had some conversation together. The teacher is very talkative: Eaton right away was impressed with the amount of words that came out from her ;-) He needs more challenge and I think that person  can do that. She mentioned she could sing with him, teach him Chinese through songs, having short introductions, short sentences based on conversation she had with Eaton.

Eaton can read short sentences without Pinyin language. He knows numbers 1-20, colors, fruits, vegetables etc.. he knows many other words I don't know about because lessons are really messed up, I can't make it work in smooth, order way. 
The transition to a new teacher will happen soon and I hope that Eaton will like a new teacher.

Eaton likes to learn Chinese, he always does, but he likes to be challenged that's why I need to work on finding some solution to it.

Here is Eaton reading numbers 1-20. I made few videos of Eaton reading in Chinese but there were some other interruption and I can't post them on the Web.

I will be posting more when there will be some changes and improvements in learning Chinese. 
I'm happy that Eaton recognizes Chinese speaking people in the park, sometimes he says something in Chinese to them and he introduces himself. He knows that mommy and daddy don't speak Chinese and he doesn't try to speak with us in that language. Whenever we say something in Chinese just for fun Eaton says: "mommy you don't speak Chinese". To daddy he says "daddy you don't speak Polish". 
And of course he corrects our speech in different languages a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


she_the_founder said...

Excellent, great to hear your still trucking away at Chinese and that your Eaton is being so successful.

Hope your new tutor works out :).

lydia said...

hi, I am very interested in knowing more of the fun activities and materials you prepared for your boy in learning Chinese. Being a Chinese speaking family (but I can't read Chinese much) I tried to learn and teach my kids, but often limited by my own inability to prepare fun materials for them (in Chinese, that is). So far I am just using flash cards, and making worksheets for them. luckily they are not complaining : )

Anonymous said...

Dear Marta,

I love your blog, I think I've read all of your posts!! You've done a marvelous job with your two sons, congratulations!! This is just my two cents: there is a learning chinese methods based on montessori program, that you might find interesting. You can find the books here:

I've bought the first packs for my daughter, but I don't have the patience that you have, I stopped after a while but I really think they are good products.

ruamulla said...

where can i find the number line u had on the wall??

Marta said...

I'm really sorry that I didn't see all these responses before. I didn't get any notification of them.
At the time I wrote that post I didn't prepare too much of materials in Chinese anymore. I did that at the beginning but they were not used at all. The Chinese girl prepared some materials printing out stuff from Chinese sites I couldn't understand. Most of the time they relied on books and dvd's. The site looks very interesting. Thank you for recommendation.

I bought that number line in our local Office Max. You probably can buy in any school related websites.

Marta :)

Victoria said...

Dear Marta,

I´d like to give you thousands of thanks for your great Blog. What I especially like in it is that there are many photos and videos that provide better understanding about the methods and techniques you use to teach your children.

My baby is 5.5 months old, and our family is also biligual (I´m Russian and my husband is Mexican). Thanks to you I feel especially inspired about teaching by daugther soon.

I do know that I´m not the only person to tell you that, but I cannot resist to tell you: "GREAT JOB!" :)

PS: As for the Chinese teacher for Eaton, you can try e.g. the classes via Skype with a native speaker. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW,Thank you so much for your kind words! I didn't expect comments like that. I'm really glad that my blog is a help for you. I had really bless with early learning and I miss it now as boys are older. I'm thinking about Chinese lessons through skype as I can't find anyone over here. Do you have any recommendation as to a website/person that teach Chinese online?
Thanks again and have a wonderful day!!

Vika Yan said...

Hello, Marta,

Sorry for the late reply.
I think you can try the following online school: I was studing Chinese in this school before my baby was born, and I really liked the classes with my teacher Shaye. Shaye is a young and full of energy young lady, and I know that she was also practicing the classes babies. You can contact this school and ask for the details.

I think that there should be more specialized online Chinese schools for children. You can ask Google for help :))


Vika Yan said...

Hi Marta,

It´s me, Victoria once again :)
I wonder if you have ever applied any ideas from the Shichida method to teach your boys? What is your opinion about this method?