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STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Friday, May 4, 2012

Practical Activities-More of Montessori Activities

In my previous post I mentioned few Montessori activities I prepared for Eaton. Recently I prepared few extra as I see Eaton's interest. My little boy Nathaniel is also into these bowls full of rice, marbles, sand, red beans and dry green peas.

                          Pouring green peas using small cups, glass and a funnel.

Transferring sand with shells from one bowl to another.

                  Pouring rice from one bowl to another using cups with handles.

For Nathaniel it was more of a spooning activity.

 The reason I like these activities because I see that they help Eaton to concentrate on the work. Eaton is engaged in them and he tries his best.There was an instance (the first time he did transferring activity) when he spilled the whole jar of peas on the carpet way outside of his work area from the tray and he didn't want to clean it up. We did end up cleaning up together and now after some time of doing those activities he feels more capable of doing the right way without spilling. 
Other thing is that Eaton is in the constant move!!!! Really!!! Sometimes it's hard to work with him because he does everything with his legs, arms during any activity. He is not still and he moves everything around and I think that the first time when he spilled his jar of peas he realized what he does. Montessori transferring/pouring activities allow him to focus, be more patient and be able to concentrate on the presented work. I already see a difference in Eaton but it's still a LONG way to go ;-)

Very interesting fact is that Nathaniel is very helpful. He is very engaged into pouring and transferring activities. He can spend about 30 min doing that work. Eaton sees that and grabs another tray from a shelf. Also, Nathaniel (you will not believe!!) cleans after himself and puts a tray back on a shelf!!! YES!! He is 13 months and he loves Montessori practical activities. I'm so happy to see that. Nathaniel is great observer and he picks up everything immediately. He wants to try by himself. He sees me and Eaton cleaning up the house, putting stuff away after each activity back on the shelf. There was no special lesson. So I'm in that good position that I don't have to  put these activities far away from his reaching area. Everything is available for both boys and I see them work together every day. I love that look!!
Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi Marta

I enjoy reading your blog and have always been eagerly looking for your posts. But it's been a while that you posted an update about your boys. I am particularly interested in knowing Eaton's progress as this blog is all about him. So, if you don't mind could you please share with us:
1. Eaton's reading level and what is he interested in reading independently.
2. Eaton's progress in other languages especially Polish and Chinese.
3. How about his music journey and so on.
Thanks in advance.

Rob said...

Marta, that is exciting about their progress. Always nice to have an extra set of cleaning hands :)

What's always more exciting is to see the influence siblings have on each other! Those relationships have been so much fun to watch in our house too.

Marta said...

I will try to describe Eaton's progress in areas you asked for in future posts. But please be patient:)

The sibling influence is amazing. Nathaniel just watches Eaton and does the same thing. Now he practice jumping on the sofa;-)