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Friday, June 22, 2012

Mega Map of the World-Tracing Activity

I found that Map Maker Activity on the Internet the other day. Eaton likes to do maps of continents and I thought we could start to work on outlines of each continent. This map is more advanced with all the names of countries, oceans etc. 

I think that this activity will be great addition to our geography lessons. 
There is so much to do with that map and here is a sample list of what I plan to do.

1. Tracing each continent based on Montessori map colors
2. Tracing equator, longitudes, latitudes, Prime Meridian.
3. Tracing major rivers of each continent.
4. Color Oceans and other water bodies.
5. Outlines countries of each continent
6. Play with animals of the world. We already have printed out animals of each continent. This map can be a base for our pictures.

Map of the world has 8 pages which I printed out and laminated. I taped it to a desk in our school area. Eaton is already fascinated by that activity. It should last a while and be a fun  way to learn geography.

Have a great weekend everyone!


wkropka von BILDschön said...

thanks for this link...beautiful activity...


p.s. widze, ze blogi maja nowy outfit ;) looks fresh ;) i'm so jealous about your classromm youngest has turned one and he is taking everything in his mouth... our activity shelfs have to wait...does Nathaniel "work" with Eaton with this activities? how are you doing this, i mean, the activities...together? or not?
chodzi mi o to, ze gdy robimy cos ze starszym mlodszy chce tez i dekoncentruje mi starszaka, potem ciezko wrocic do dodatek mlodszy mi w dzien malo spi, max. poltorej godziny...jak Ty to robisz?

Marta said...

Hi wkropka,
It's not easy to work with 2 kids at that age we know that:)This is what I did:
1. I added some hand activities similar to what Eaton uses:example, lots of pouring, spooning, putting marbles on circles, hammering. Eaton uses smaller products: tiny beads, rice. Nathan uses marbles and bigger beads. Eaton uses nails, Nathan uses golf tee etc.
2. I put activities for Nathan around Eaton's shelf so Nathan feels that he can do the same activity as his brother.
3. When I try to teach Eaton I occupy Nathan with all these activities. I put 3 extra activities under the table, when he is done with one I see that exchange for another one and he is busy for another few minutes. I ask Nathan to put his tray on the shelf, he comes back and I give him another activity. I think that key is to surprise him with activity he didn't see on shelf for about a week, then he is more occupied and happy. I live that one as a last activity for him, then it gives me some time to work with Eaton (only if that requires me for presenting new subject etc..)

Other times I don't help Nathan with tray, he is able to take a tray and work on that by himself. After that I ask him to put it back. At this time I ask him very rarely, he puts stuff away by himself. Then he is proud of himself and claps his hands:)

Other thing is to know what you will be doing. There is no room for maybe... Kids are occupied knowing that there is solid busy time prepared for him.

When I created shelves for Nathan it took him about 2-3 weeks of constant taking everything from shelves. I was patient and I knew it's just a period when he needed to explore. Now because he saw me putting everything back on shelves he does the same. He puts stuff away with no asking twice.

Of course there are moments everything goes opposite way but then I try to relax and find something they both can work together, most of the time it's drawing time!

My website needed some updates, and bright colors made me happy:)

You asked me about marbles and how I handle that subject with Nathan. I'm a person who doesn't look for a danger around the baby. When he takes knife in his hand I don't get scared and take stuff away from him. I allow him to explore under my supervision. Of course I don't allow to purposely take a knife and play with it, but if something like that happen I say: OO Nathan you found a knife. Knife is sharp you see, what about playing with some spoon instead" and I give him a spoon. At first that's what I did with marbles. He grabbed them, put them in his mouth then I gently exchanged for something else, but later on I realized he loves to chew something tiny in his mouth and I allowed him to do that. At first I always were near him but later I saw that he grabbed everything tiny that was around him and I couldn't hide all small pieces especially when Eaton started to play with legos. I guess it comes a time for trust to your baby;-)
Podziel sie prosze swoimi pomyslami.
Serdecznie pozdrawiam

raluca irimia said...

Hi Marta,
when you have some time,pls let me know how did you find this map because i am trying and i have no succes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Raluca,
I didn't realize I didn't post the link to that map.. Sorry for that. Here it is.