"You're BRAVER than you believe,
STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Friday, August 24, 2012

Visual-Spacial Learner

I got blown away after reading Internet articles about Visual-Spacial Learners.
Because my Eaton (now almost 4 years old) is TOTALLY 100% Visual-Spacial Learner.

Recently I started to read more about homeschooling in Hawaii State and I wanted to prepare curriculum I would follow more rigid. I was looking for any ideas, programs, curriculum's or ways how to teach my child in accelerated way. I really couldn't find too much about the way that would help me in teaching my boy. He learns subjects so fast if something is of his interests. He touches some subjects so advanced that I don't know how to put it together. He grabs books more advanced, sometimes too advanced ;-)!! But he tells me he wants to learn it! He takes advanced book, brings it too me and tells me "Mommy, would you teach me that!" and I was really confused how to handle the curriculum and his speed of learning, or the way he learns. I was thinking about Unit study, as to study subjects by units of his interests instead of linear, sequential step by step curriculum.
I wasn't sure how to teach him until now!!!

Yeah! I discovered so much about my baby that now I just know him so much better and is so much easier to cope with his Absent Minded Professor Syndrome! ;-)
There are so many articles of moms who describe their kids as unorganized, living in their own words, someone with lack of focus, Leo addicts etc.. yeah my boy fits into that category! But the only answers they provide are some solutions of people for whom that solution worked in certain way. But that really didn't answer the question "Why he is that way", "Why he is doing stuff the way he does", "why he doesn't hear what I say to him". 

Until I found the answer..
Visual-Spatial Thinkers

If you want to check what category your child belongs to you can  read "Identifying Visual-Spatial and Auditory-Sequential Learners" article.
Tons of other great articles you can find here.

Other websites and materials you can use with your Visual-Spacial Learner (scroll down to see more):
Books and Resources

More interesting articles you can find on Gifted Development Center site

I would appreciate anyone comments on the subject. This is really important to me to know my child the best I can in order to prepare us on our homeschooling journey.
Love my new discovery!!


Understanding the Universe said...

Hey Marta!

How was your vacation?

I think Josiah might have a visual spacial lean and I think I might as well. That is a big part of the reason I am attempting to create our own science curriculum that will be very hands-on. I created a new blog for it. I deleted my old one as the blog style was dragging me down. This is my new one:

It only has one post at the moment with lots of materials. I am currently waiting for some new materials for me to work on creating the flow of my lessons. I just ordered some Zometool products and Real Science 4 Kids Text. I am really excited about it. I am working on creating songs and characters for learning the first twenty elements and their common isotopes. Please check it out.

I am considering creating a whole progressive cursive writing curriculum for early learners in the style that I used to create Eaton's name. I am not very happy with the curriculum I have turned up in searching as they can be confusing for littles- as in directionality... "Do I trace this line or that line when they cross?" type of thing.


wkropka von BILDschön said...

Hi Marta!...I needed over 30 years, 2 kids and your blog to understand that I am VSL... and I think my older son also is...
Actually I was searching some articles about it (also german ones), but what I´ve found, treated about Authism or ADHD, at the beginning I was shocked, but I think it has nothing in common, isn't it? now I'm not sure... my kid is sometimes "wild" and I know he needs my attention, just becouse his younger brother is right there all the time... we had a big jealousity problem, sometimes we still have it, but I didn't take it as something wrong...
but now I look at my child's behaviour a little bit differently... now I understand why, my older one doesn't need a diaper since I've showed him selfmade book about using the toilet with him as a maincharacter ;)just becouse he "saw" this process.

thank you Marta!


i jak bylo w PL? nie masz pojecia ile ja ksiazek zwiozlam, po moim ostatnim pobycie w kraju...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see your new website, I did look at it and I found that awesome cards for teaching cursive. Well done!! Need to present them to Eaton. He needs those directional arrows to show which way to go. Although he knows them because he proved that to me. But for some reason he wants to see them as assurance that he does his work correctly. I couldn't find any cursive curriculum for Eaton either using Internet. They were too advanced, meaning too small font or not appealing to him so I did create some pages for him by myself, but I would love to see your curriculum.
I didn't start to teach about Atom yet, but when I will I will use your site. Thanks a lot for sharing with great free stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marta,

I found the same calender as your boys at Office Depot. I bought it right away since I was impressed with what you did with it. I am planning on put velcro on it.

You must be very busy. Before you would posts several a week now it is down to once a month! Hope to see more soon.


Marta said...

Hi wkropka,
Ha, 5 years ago I discovered that I'm introvert and what that means. I discovered why I had communication problems with peers and why I preferred to be alone than being in a crowd. I tried hard to fit in and be like others with no result. Some books changed my view about people, relationships, needs and understanding life around me. That's why I always read books about children in order to understand my boys. But what is interesting the most influenced books are from psychologists who studied children, their behavior and characters. Books that were based on experience with children without understanding who they were didn't really give me the answer I was looking for. I guess I didn't look for the solution when my baby behave inappropriate but I wanted the answer to how to "read" my baby, who he is and what his deep needs are in order to create that positive environment in our home so he can learn the way he likes and that is the best way for him to grow with love and understanding. Psychology opened that door for me and articles describing Visual Spatial Learners where the answer to me.
About ADHD. That's funny but when I looked at one of the first sites that popped out about that subject that what came out:
Fails to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes in schoolwork

Has difficulty keeping attention during tasks or play

Does not seem to listen when spoken to directly

Does not follow through on instructions and fails to finish schoolwork, chores, or duties in the workplace

Has difficulty organizing tasks and activities

Avoids or dislikes tasks that require sustained mental effort (such as schoolwork)

Often loses toys, assignments, pencils, books, or tools needed for tasks or activities

Is easily distracted

Is often forgetful in daily activities

Hyperactivity symptoms:

Fidgets with hands or feet or squirms in seat

Leaves seat when remaining seated is expected

Runs about or climbs in inappropriate situations

Has difficulty playing quietly

Is often "on the go," acts as if "driven by a motor," talks excessively

Impulsivity symptoms:

Blurts out answers before questions have been completed

Has difficulty awaiting turn

Interrupts or intrudes on others (butts into conversations or games)

Really.. those are all describing my boy! Should I say he has ADHD? I really have so opposite point of view about diagnosing a child like that. Please compare these symptoms with the Spatial-Visual learner and you will see similarities. The question is if you believe that ADHD is a symptom you need to treat with medication or it is the type of the child's character.
(sugar is another influence that causes lack of attention in which case a child can be diagnosed with ADHD). This ADHD problem is anther reason I will not send my kid to public school (at least not in Hawaii ;-)

A w Polsce bylo dosc fajnie, nakupowalam ksiazek od groma, przeslalam je i czekam jeszcze na nie. Ty masz troszke lepsza sytacje, bo taniej ten interes Cie wynosi. Przeslanie ciezkich ksiazek na Hawaje kosztuje dosc duzo, chcialam wiecej przeslac ale dalam sobie spokoj. Uwielbiam te polskie hurtownie pelne zabawek i gier edukacyjnych. Wydalam sporo na nie hahahaha teraz tylko sie bawic::) A Eaton po powrocie napalil sie na j Polski, gada gada, bledy robi, ja go poprawiam, ale nie poddaje sie. Poprawia sie po mnie. Bardzo tez ladnie czyta, chociaz woli kiedy ja to robie:)
Jak czegos doczytasz sie nowego na temat naszych dzieci bede wdzieczna za podpowiedz
Pozdrawiam serdecznie

Marta said...

I would love to write posts more often but I have difficulty to be on top of everything and priorities take over-my kids. Recent monthly trip, moving to a new place took some of my energy. Now I try to restore it :)

I'm glad you found the calendar. It is so nice to just read a post about something, get an idea and make it real!! Reason I have a blog!
Greetings from Hawaii

wkropka von BILDschön said...

Hej Marta,

wiesz co, ja z tym ADHD to mam moim zdaniem dosc bulwersujaca opinie. moze dlatego, ze moje "wszedobylskie, ruchliwe" dziecko nie bylo nigdy zdiagnozowane, i tez nie poddalabym diagnozie... kiedys nie bylo adhd...dzieci byly ruchliwe, roztrzepane i nic nikogo to nie dziwilo, fakt, mamy bywaly czesciej w domu i nie "robily" kariery. A lekarze w skrajnych przypadkach radzili lyk szampana lub wina (!?!- straszne, ale tak robiono nawet 30 lat temu)). dzieci mialy zajecie, bo byly uczone pomagania rodzicom. dla mnie adhd to diagnoza dla rodzicow nie majacych czasu, lub cierpliwosci i latwiej im zdiagnozowac dziecko jako adhd, zeby zamknac otoczeniu usta, lub co gorsza dawac dziecku psychotropy... moj szwagier byl zdiagnozowany jako hiperaktywny, tesciowe byli wtedy skupieni na pracy, tesciowa dostala recepte na jakies srodki...nigdy ich nie kupila, przezyla ten czas jakos i i szwagier rozwijal sie normalnie i prowadzi normalne zycie, jest troche narwany, ale nie ma jedakowych ludzi... attention deficit... nazwa mowi wszystko za siebie... ja obserwuje u mojego zachowanie, ze robi sie nie do zniesienia, jesli nie skupie na nim uwagi, na takim poziomie, na jakim on chce, z dwojka dzíeci to jest trudne... ale trzeba sie nauczyc to opanowac... teraz jest czas, kiedy nie jestem architektem, tylko mama... moze zgine w zawodowym swiecie...kto wie... latwiej mi zginac jako architekt niz jako matka... dlatego duzo pomogl mi twoj post o vsl...moj maz dziekuje rowniez... ostatnio powiedzial mi, ze wreszcie zrozumial, ze nasz starszak, nie robi notorycznie na zlosc, tylko w trakcie wykonywania zadan, przypominaja im sie inne rzeczy wazne do zrobienia... ja mam tak samo... sporo pozaczynanych rzeczy, ktore sukcesywnie musze podokanczac ( czytaj: zmusic sie je dokonczyc), dzieci nie potrafia sie jeszcze tak "zmuszac"... sa prawdziwe w tym co robia..

my nasze ksiazki wiezlismy pod siedzeniami w aucie, a takze w walizkach miedzy rzeczami i w miejscach, o ktorych sie nie mialo pojecia, ze takowe sa w samochodzie...
oj wydalam ja majatek...

moj starszak po pobycie w Polsce tez ma zawsze "skoki rozwoju polskiej mowy" tu w Niemczech rozmawia tylko ze mna po polsku... mam pomysl..jesli Twoj Eaton mial by ochote na pol-niem. penpala...??? moj mlodszy jest w wieku Nathaniela, wiec moze na dwoch penpali ;) oczywiscie jesli chcecie;)


Anonymous said...

Hi wkropka,
Ja caly czas ogladam videa, czytam, cos tam nowego znajduje na temat jak sobie radzic, jak uczyc i jakie moga byc przyszlosciowe problemy jesli chodzi o te nasze visual spatial dzieci. Ja przyznam nikogo nie znalam o podobnym charakterze do momentu poznania mojego meza. On po czesci jest takim "kims", mysli inaczej i czasami jego logika nie nadaza za jego mysleniem, czasami nadaje na caklowicie innych falach ;-) Pisza, ze typowe visual spatial dziecko ma przynajmniej jedno z rodzicow o tym samym charakterze. Wiec dotyczyloby to mojego meza.

Spytalas o tym czy nasze dzieci mogly byc "penpal"? Ha smiesznie to brzmi. Masz na mysli skype, piszac czy rozmawiajac?.. cokolwiek to jest to oczywiscie! Ja myslalam o tym aby zaczac wylapywac dzieci z roznych krancow swiata, ktore ucza sie wczesnej edukacji, aby Eaton mial jakis przyjaciol na swoim poziomie ;-) Nie gwarantuje 100% skutku bo roznie to z dziecmi bywa, ale mozemy sprobowac:) Dziekuje za taki pomysl. Napisz prosze do mnie email to sobie porozmawiamy prywatnie :)

wkropka von BILDschön said...

Hi Marta,

poniewaz tu nie moge znalezc Twojego maila, (albo slepawa jestem = vsl*hehe*) to poszukam Cie w wielkiej sieci ;) globalna wioska przeciez ;)