"You're BRAVER than you believe,
STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gymnastic Time

Since Eaton's second birthday we have attended gymnastic at our local Kona Aerial Gymnastic place. 
When Eaton was a little baby he never wanted to try going on a swing. I tried few times but it always ended up with lots of cry, so of course I didn't push. We had lots of physical activities during his first 2 years at different parks, beaches and at the backyard of our houses. When I heard about gymnastic I wasn't sure if Eaton was ready, but the class was for toddlers where they were free to do whatever they wanted using all the equipment that was there. We went there once and Eaton was in love. It's been 2 years of running around, jumping, climbing and being silly. I don't regret that decision as Eaton improved a lot physically.  He didn't want to try a trampoline for a while either. The first thing he did for a while there was running. He did run, run and run. He still does that with other kids and his little brother. But few months ago he started to jump on a trampoline too. I wasn't sure what was the cause Eaton didn't like swinging or trampoline. His balance wasn't so developed I think, but after 2 years of attending gymnastic he improved and he is not scared anymore. He tries and tries. But the main thing is that he has lots of fun there. It seems like he waits for that time-(once a week) for releasing that energy. Although, I can tell you he is always EVERYWHERE,no matter where he is. He used to take a nap after gymnastic time. At this point he sometimes takes naps during the day but it's later during the day.

There are other gymnastic classes available but Eaton doesn't want to do that. It's more strict class where a child needs to wait for his turn, listen a teacher, follows her directions and Eaton seems not to be ready for it.
You can see my kids in action over here: Eaton 3,5 years old, Nathaniel 19 months.

Gymnastic time is always finished with parachute time and all kids get some peekabear stamps on their bellies. Children love that part of the class :-)



Eaton doesn't waste his time, whenever he can he plays with blocks.

I didn't tell you that we also tried Karate class with Eaton. Yeah, that was interesting. The Karate Class for toddlers was more about discipline, applying rules of martial arts at the same time having a good time playing around: jumping, skipping, playing games. Eaton was scared of the coach voice. The man had deep voice and he talked pretty loud, almost like screaming. At first it looked like it's a booth camp class for toddlers. Eaton told me "Mommy can you be a coach? I don't like that man". He wanted to leave that place after 15 min so we did. 
At least we try different things. I guess martial art is not his ideal activity;-)
Enjoy your weekend!

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