"You're BRAVER than you believe,
STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Monday, November 26, 2012

New Eaton-Haircut

Before haircut
After haircut
For the first time Eaton decided by himself to have a haircut! He doesn't  like a raiser's sound and even last time hubby needed to finish cutting his hair because Eaton started to delay that. Anyway it ended up not so bad with one long hair on his forehead, but he doesn't allow to touch it now ;-)


ruamulla said...

Dear Marta.
i have just attended the how to multiply your child intelligence course by Glenn Doman and decided after word to home school Rkan until he is 6 years old with confidence and JOY.
they reinforced to spend the morning hours learning and bonding with the child as every one is fresh and can learn easily instead of later of the day.
can u please share with me detailed schedule if u have one that u follow with eaton. how to organize yr daily schedule in a way that keeps the child engaged .

Thank you

wkropka von BILDschön said...

oh...i would love to have it too, I've got "some" problems with my organisation ;)


Anonymous said...

I would love to hear more about that course you attended. I heard different opinions about it. I'm glad you decided about homeschooling. Maybe we can support each other, I think I need some mental support now ;-)
We do have a simple plan so far. We learn (school time) from 10am-noon, 5 days a week. Our schedule is not tight or strict. Last few months I focused on having a bond with each other more than paying attention to homeschooling. Maybe you realized I didn't post too much about any particular subject. Eaton went through different phases of building and creating,when Nathaniel needed me more than ever I think he went through a phase of separation anxiety.Beside that Eaton as a VSL he learns a little bit differently, meaning he will not do the same activity or subject every day or two days in a row. He likes innovations and do stuff different all the time. So What I create now is to have lesson plans ready to go. I put them in a folder ex. I did recently curriculum about patterns/math. I put one lesson on the shelf. When he is done with that I put next one. It doesn't matter to me when he is done with that: Monday Tuesday or other day, the case is to have his attention put into the subject he likes. Sometimes when he does something he likes he can do more that one lesson and that's when I need to have these lessons available at any time.But then it will be some time when he will come back to that particular subject again. That's how his mind work. Sometimes he doesn't want to do anything more than puzzles or drawing shapes all day long or using sand for drawing letters. That system works for him and I can have a detailed day by day schedule for VSL-that would not work with him. I will share what I create, we slowly come back to having more of school time during the day than before. Nathaniel is more aware during evening hours and because of that my hours of work are more limited than before. I plan to have schedule for art, science experiments every day as this is something Eaton likes to do and it's always something new to him. Do you plan to homeschool using Doman method? It seems a lot of preparation but the effect can be amazing!

ruamulla said...

hello Marta.
i really liked the course and i think every human with or with out kids need to know those information.
i am still experimenting with Rkan to figure the best way for him to learn and bond. i am not sticking to only doman method but i will do some Montessori and wants to create homemade books about subjects that interest Rkan.
we also do violin lessons,swimming and will start soccer in February. we had a braciation ladder build and Rkan started to braciat in dependably.
i think i will do my best teaching him what i can but the main goal is to keep him around me ( his mother) bonding together and creating memories until he is more interested in friend than me ;-P

ruamulla said...

yes please we can support each other.

ruamulla said...

this is a blog i love to follow and i am doing alot of their ideas with Rkan. i think u will love it too.
and i actually subscribed for the parenting webinar becouse i need some guidance .