"You're BRAVER than you believe,
STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Friday, July 19, 2013

Our New Reading Nook

Have you ever searched Google for Reading Nook? Creating a new place for reading was on my list for the last few months. Once I got better with my health I took a trip to Pier1 Imports. Yeah! That store is the only one on a Big Island that makes me happy. It smells wonderful, everything is so colorful and I like their design ideas as well. 

I visited Pier1 Imports with Eaton and Nathan few days before. We searched for a couch, a seat or anything comfortable to sit on and to have relaxed time reading books. Eaton right away ended up on the Papasan Chair, but the cushion kept sliding down. 
VSL!!! Eaton moves, moves, moves..and..moves constantly!

I ended up buying just a cushion and big pillows for support. 3 of us can fit on it and it's extremely comfortable. Kids love it! That was a good purchase overall. 
Here is our new reading nook

Nathan  takes naps on it :)

 In Pier1 Imports I did purchase a shelf, the one you can see on the picture. This shelf is still empty but I have a great purpose for it. This shelf will contain Living Books. My idea is to collect Living Books from different areas of subjects. I will be adding one book at a time, maybe one a week and add some activities, Youtube movies, DVD's or other type of activities we can do together during a week. For now I have 3 books. "Why do we need bones" is not really a living book but Eaton likes to read it. It has a poster on the back and he has lots of fun with this simple book, so it stays there for now. I will have another post where I will explain the reason I choose to teach my boys using Living Books.

Ciao for now!


Stephanie said...

Hi Marta, I'm so glad you're doing better and very happy that you're back! I checked back in June and no word from you, then today I was looking for links for some flashcards here and I saw you recently have been posting! Too bad I missed the great free books from Educents. It looked like a great deal!!
You've got me very interested in these Living Books. I'm going to google them right after this.
I'm struggling with my 13-month old and his attention. He does not make eye contact with us so it makes it even more difficult to read with him and have him pay attention to the books (laminated from your links, thanks!!). When I read him regular books (like Dr. Seuss) he only wants to look at the cover, but have nothing to do with what's inside!
Looking forward to hearing more from you and more fun activities!

she_the_founder said...

Hi Marta! What a cozy reading nook you have built! Please write more about Living Books soon, I love reading your blog.

Can I ask you about Nathaniel? Can he read yet? I suppose that he's close to 2 or 2.5 now, yeah?

Can he read? I remember Eaton being a pretty good reader at around 20-24 months, yeah?
How is Nathaniel progressing?

coscik said...

Młody jak zobaczył, to powiedział, że super kącik i że najfajniejsze poduszki ;) Szkoda, że nie mamy dużo miejsca w domu.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be concern about your son attention at this point. He is still little baby who most likely discovers how to walk and is fascinated with everything around and moving from one place to another. There could be many reasons why your son doesn't make eye contact with you and many children from what I read don't make eye contact easly or they do it for a short period of time.
When I was pregnant I read about importance of eye contact and I did apply that whenever I could. Even now when my Eaton is 4,5 years old I still look into his eye on his level when he talks to me. I did that effort since the beginning and still continue. I want my babies to know I pay attention what they are saying to me. Please, continue to read books and follow your son lead. Maybe he is listener and he doesn't require to look at pages in order to hear. Maybe he prefers other books. My Nathaniel loved animals sounds books for a long period of time. Simple books where I made animals noises. I think you need to find that "thing" that triggers your son:) Read anyway, it will pay off in the future!
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi She_the_founder,

I will write about Nathaniel too. He is not reading yet. Its hard for me to even estimate what he knows. We had long break from any flashcards and he doesn't want to be tested at all. He knows some words of course, phrases but he doesn't read like Eaton did. I will write about it and my thoughts about what type of learners my sons are. Nathaniel doesn't read like Eaton did but his progress in other areas is very similar. Thank you for reading my blog :)

Poduszki tez zrobily furrore u nas. Ja rowniez zaadoptowalam ten maly kacik, drzemki tam sa przemile! Pozdrawiam!


Olives and Pickles said...

looks really cool!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marta,
I'm glad you are back and really wish you well with your health. I love reading your blog. I'm Thai living in Poland (left you the info a few posts before)
Looking forward to read more from you.

And oh, I have a question. How you teach your kids to be fluent in both Polish and English. I would like some ideal as right now I'm talking to my daughter all Thai one week and all English one week, you know just to equal it out and (I think) not to confuse her. I really want to know how other family do it. Thank you


Pentla said...

A ja zrobiłam moim dzieciom podobny kącik, ale nie chcą go używać :-(. Nadal wolą czytać przy stoliczku lub po prostu na podłodze czy łóżku. Chyba więc go zlikwiduję bo już miesiąc stoi pusty albo jako składzik zabawek.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ode,
Sorry for not responding to your previous post. I know you know my reasons and thank you for understanding. Your question is very interesting. I tried to write a post in comment section but it became so long and I wanted to say a little bit more about topic of being fluent in few languages. It depends on many factors and I think it's worth to post few words on my blog. I will do it than-promise!

Anonymous said...

No widzisz, u mnie podobnie, tzn nie z kacikiem do czytania ksiazek, ale z kalendarzem. Tymczasowo odlozylam go na bok poniewaz Eaton do niego nie zagladal przez pewien okres. Pewne rzeczy nie dzialaja tak jak by sie chcialo, albo uznaja szacunku w pozniejszym czasie :)

Stephanie said...


I just got an email from a subscription that I have that Home School Enrichment Magazine is currently offering all free issues from 2012 as PDF downloads. It says it will not be up for a long time. I will post the link (hopefully it will work, if not you can send me an email and I can send it to you):

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. Links you send worked well. I did download issues from 2012. I never subscribed to that magazine, but I did read few articles from free issues I previously received. Thanks again!