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Friday, August 23, 2013


My come back to homeschooling with Eaton and Nathan is very slow and I take one subject at a time. Last few months I thought about my way of teaching and I'm not sure if I found solution to changes that happen in our household, homeschooling, etc. But I will try different methods, different ways, and programs and we will see what fits our needs and what doesn't . I'm not sure how everything will work out but I stay positive. My kids are different in many ways and I keep adjusting the way I teach each of them. The base of everything for us is to keep everyone happy and progress steady. 

 At this point Eaton wants challenges the way I did provide for him when he was little. He constantly asks me for more stuff to learn, so I'm glad I'm back with teaching, but like I said I do it very slow. I really want everyone to enjoy the process of learning. I don't want to be overwhelmed with materials and preparation so I went for easy way out.  I did get ready to use physics curriculum. 
Why physic? And why so early? 
It is because Eaton shows interest in that subject. The interesting thing about Eaton is that he reads about EVERYTHING-even books about Down Syndrome. But physics seems to be a subject that resonate with him. I would say that Eaton goes toward STEM subjects. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Electronics and Math. All combined together is appealing to him. But because it's not easy to do this activities with little ones yet, we started with physics that would help him to understand laws of physics in order to build some awesome creations. He constantly builds from Lego blocks new vehicles, lots of time it's a space related ones, and robots too. Maybe one day I will post some pictures of his little creations :)

Here is the program we use:

Why did I choose that program?
* It is very easy to implement with young child
* Lessons are very short, easy to use. Eaton who knows how to read can do lessons by himself. I still seat next to him but I direct him to read instructions by himself and follow the page with questions, experiments and answers. 
* Each unit (there are 4 of them) in that curriculum has one big project to do. We already built a car that we use in our "Forces, Machines, Motion & Energy" unit. Eaton was  in heaven doing it by himself. (My younger baby deleted pictures of that moment)

Extra things I needed to prepare:
* buy books separately because the curriculum doesn't come with any 

* create a one page schedule. I like to see what topics we are currently at and I like to have it all on one page. 
* To my schedule I added some experiments from "Physics for every kid" by Janice VanCleave's

First unit ready for our lessons

"Slow down Sara!" by Laura Driscoll is a great book! . Eaton built that that Lego snowboard  after reading about air friction. 

I teared out all pages from the Elementary Physical Science and I put them in the folder. It's easier for Eaton to write down on them.

And here are some beginning pages of the first unit.

We use that awesome oversize measuring tape I purchased at Lakeshore .

That's all about Physics!

East side of the Big Island-Hilo

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