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Monday, October 28, 2013

Montessori Addition Strip Board and Puzzles

I prepared Montessori Addition Strip Board long time ago but I never had a chance to introduce that, because I knew that Eaton will be a little bit against it. Activity itself seems very interesting but it could be boring for Visual Spatial person who doesn't like drilling methods especially in math. He loves boarding games where he learns the most and he sees the end effect-winning (or loosing ;-) In Montessori addition strip board there is nothing at the end of activity, just filling out a paper with numbers.

I need to say I like that strip board because that's how I learn and absorb knowledge. This is the reason I prepared that activity but for Eaton I needed to add something else to it-puzzles.

Inspiration came from this website (scroll down to see Math Puzzle).

Eaton loves to figure out problems where he knows how to get the answers. Montessori board helps to get answers to a puzzle and a picture of the puzzle is the end effect of this activity. I used  puzzle that wasn't used often before so I didn't feel bad to write down on the back of wooden pieces. On top of that I also included two equations that are beyond Montessori Addtion board, just to add some challenge for Eaton.
Here is what I did:
I printed out Montessori Addition Strip Board from Montessori For Everyone and glued individual strips on the foam. The rest is easy to figure out from the picture:-)

Addition Tables Booklets I printed out from PinayHomeschooler. The reason I didn't use booklets from MFE is that they are too small, tiny pages. Pinay's mom did awesome job and provided booklets for free. Thank you for that! We will use booklets separately from puzzles activities. 

That's all for now:)


rua said...

hello Marta,
i think Eaton will love the Cuisenaire rod.
i got them for Rkan and we love them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that link.I didn't know that website. I thought about rods for a while and Eaton probably would like it. Do you have a book that goes with that?

rua said...

i dont but i think Eaton will enjoy some thing like this

RUA said...

i also found this online