"You're BRAVER than you believe,
STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lego/Egg Memory Game

Are you bored with paper memory games? Here is a quick simple idea. 
Lego/Egg Memory Game

What you need is:
plastic eggs (we borrow them from your pretend store:))
 Lego pieces of different shapes. There are enought of them in our house;-)
I've chosen one color to make it more challenging.
 That's all. Another game kids love.

Have a great day!


wkropka von BILDschön said...

No patrz, jak niewiele trzeba...
A Nathaniel tego Eatonowi nie rozwala? Ja mam z tym ostatnio straszny problem. Cokolwiek nie zaczniemy robić to młody psuje... Czekam, aż to przejdzie ;)

Anonymous said...

Juz od kilku miesiecy jest spokoj:)