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Monday, January 13, 2014


Pentomino is a geometric figure formed by joining five equal squares edge to edge. There are twelve pentominoes.
Pentominoes is a great idea for Visual Spatial Learners. Eaton had lots of fun with that foam set when I presented to him. I'm glad  he liked it. 
I smiled when Eaton said to me: "Mom, it is better than tangrams!!!" I created 6 pieces of each pentomino. All together Eaton had 72 pieces to play with. Besides that, they have nice colors  and I think that itself played a big role.



Eaton changed this transformed into...
Free Play
I did play with my kid at the table as well. I just put pentominoes together to create bigger rectangle. Eventually I found a final piece that matched. 72 pieces were enough to play for both of us.
 What to teach:
1. Free play: allow your child to be creative and have experience with all the shapes. Kids can see how each individual piece fits together with other shapes, what shapes they can create putting few pentominoes together etc. My boy constantly creates transformers.
2. Creating rectangles: What is the smallest rectangle you can create from these pentominoes? Eaton found 3 pieces to create one.
3. Enlargement: Example: using 'Z' pentomino create larger version of it using other 11 pentominoes.
3. Perimeter. Sort the twelve pentominoes according to the length of their perimeters.
4. Line of symmetry: Ask your child to draw the line of symmetry on all of the pentominoes.
5. Rotational symmetry: Ask your child to identify those pentominoes that have rotational symmetry. (Only 'Z')
6. Tesselation: Which of the pentominoes will tesselate? What if I have 'T' pentomino, can I cover the whole plane surface with 'T's? 

Here are sheets I created

Some resources I found interesting searching Google.
1. Printable Pentominoes from Scholastic
2. "Chasing Vermeer" from Amazon.
3. Teacher Resources online

 Have a great day!

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