"You're BRAVER than you believe,
STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tropical Storm Iselle

I need to admit that we didn't take hurricane Iselle seriously. In the last 9 years we live here we had many hurricane warnings and nothing serious happened to us.
This time was the same until Iselle hit pretty hard. It was night and scary I need to say. We lost electricity before Iselle hit.

It started with the heavy rain and wind that started to accelerate overnight. The wind and the rain blew hard all night, on and off. We have metal roof that made noisy sound. I was sure it would blow the roof away.
Kids fallen asleep in their bedroom and didn't wake up at all. I'm glad they made it through a night sleeping and not knowing what was really happening. They were little scared before their bed time but they fallen asleep with no problem.

This is a fallen tree on our property
More of our yard

Owner of this house was in the process of rebuilding his old house. He lost a roof.
 Luckily he didn't live there.

Street we live on

This picture was made the next morning after hurricane. It was pouring and we stopped driving because we couldn' t go through the road that was blocked by a tree. The wind took the whole tree with roots out. My husband's company Aloha Broadband (internet service company), has an access point at this place. Antennas were damaged and now he is working with other people to cut and remove all the debris to have access to the house and the equipment. It's nice to see that people come together when the tragedy happens.

Macy's store covered the whole window entrance

More fallen trees at the front of Home Depot store

Grocery store after hurricane
 Here is the link to the news about hurricane Iselle 
and 2 of my videos on our way around Puna

And.. back to Paradise again :-) Calm and beautiful morning in Hilo
Homeschooling wasn't on my priority list those days:-)


Pentla said...

O la la, niezły bałagan po tym huraganie! Dobrze, że Wasz dach przetrwał :). W Polsce w tym roku też jakoś bardziej burzowo niż zwykle. Pozdrawiam i trzymajcie się dzielnie!!!

Anonymous said...

Trzymamy sie dzielnie, dziekuje bardzo!

Waterdreamer said...

OMG how scary! So glad you guys are safe.