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and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Monday, September 29, 2014

Butterfly Symmetry Activity-Free Printables

I would like to share one activity I prepared pretty long time ago for Eaton. I never shared that on my blog and I would like to do that because I use it now with my 3.5 years old Nathaniel. It's pretty easy activity for young children. 

Just print 3 butterfly sheets and shapes. Cut out the shapes for each butterfly sheet and enjoy it!

In the first 2 sheets your child follows the butterfly pattern. Third sheet is blank butterfly outline so you can play with your child. You go first putting shapes on the left side and your child follows your pattern on the right side or vice versa for fun.
I did laminate all of the sheets so it would last longer. 


Gargee Bhandare Wadhwani said...

Marta, you are awesome, as always:-)) I was just thinking to do it for Moksh & here you share it:-) Love your blog & your activities. Moksh absolutely enjoys them. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Gargee Bhandare Wadhwani,
I'm glad your son likes the actvities. I think that your son might be VS from what I saw on videos you posted. I know you gave me some comments on the YouTube and I'm sorry I didn't respond. Long time ago something happened on my YouTube account. I can post videos but I can't access comments. I see only the beginning of them in my email. I need to ask my husband to help me to fix it cause I couldn't ;-)
Enjoy the activity!

she_the_founder said...

Wow, this is a very neat idea! I'm so glad that you shared it! Great find!

Please tell me, what is Eaton doing this year for school? How is he with reading and math? Have you taught him to write?

What about little Nathaniel? What is he up to now? Please can you do an update for the boys explaining their curriculum?

Anonymous said...

Hi she_the_founder,
I don't have some sort of curriculum for my boys. The truth is that after having period of sickness I still struggle to go back to my previous routines. I really have a hard time to start homeschooling/teaching/mentoring etc. It was my choice to slow down with teaching than doing it and no one would have fun with that. Constant lack of energy could be really destructive to homeschooling. I've decided to spend that time with kids and focus on our family relationship, make stronger connections: love, bond, empathy etc. Although, most of the time I didn't have energy, I rested on the couch during the day, kids were bonding. Truly after few months of each other interactions I can tell that they grow to be so nice to each other. They talk to each other with respect, love and joy. I couldn't ask for more. So, I can't give you an answer about curriculum because we learn as it goes. I've started to feel better and we enjoy our field trips to our local places. Eaton has swimming lessons and Nathaniel Karate Kenpo. Eaton writes on his own, spells by himself 7 letter words. I think that because I've started so early with Eaton he has that ability to learn by himself and he continues to do that without me. I love that. He reads chapters books, writes on his own, creates board games with instructions, writes Lego instructions, he loves Minecraft. Nathaniel is amazing with pretending. He remembers lines from movies, books and he creates environment of fun and pleasure. Eaton loves Nathaniel's reality. I will do real update when I will be stronger again and I will have more to write about.
Thank you for stopping by and your interest in my boy's development.

Olga-ekb said...

What a great idea to teach shapes through symmetry! Thank you, Martha.
I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog.

Best regards,

Olga-ekb said...

Oops, sorry, Marta.

Anonymous said...

No problem Olga,
I look at your blog now. These hash browns with cheese looks so yummy! I would love to try some Russian recipe.