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STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New 2015 Homeschool Planner

Are you ready for 2015? You should be, it's tomorrow :-)
In some places it's already 2015!

This Homeschool Planner was created similar way I did last year with few changes and additions. I love very much pink and green color and opening that folder every day puts a smile on my face. I know it's kind of childish but if something makes you feel good why not to use it daily for more motivation. 

Some sheets I use are available for free on Internet some of them I created myself to suit my needs. 
On the left side of my planner I keep my sheet for writing down every small detail about homeschooling, blogging, what to buy as well as my personal to do list. When I open my folder I see right away what I need to do next. To do tasks that are done I simply mark with a check mark. This sheet I made for my personal use.

On the right side there is a whole planner for 2015 divided into 12 months. On the top I always put calendar for specific month to reflect all the holidays, trips, lessons (swimming) and other events.

Here is free download of the calendar for 2015 from OrganizedChristmas

Next page I leave empty. I like to have a space for writing information like: phone numbers, details of homeschooling purchases, phone conversations, dates or names, anything that I would need in the future. This way it is easy for me to find it and it is very visual as well.

On the right side there is a sheet called Weekly Goals. This sheet is for writing down all the brainstormed ideas I have after evaluating my boys' progress. For now I divided that sheet into subjects:
1. Math/Lego/Logic
2. Geography/History/Social Studies
3. Foreign Languages
4. Science: experiments, lessons
5. Everyday Art/Crafts
6. Language Art/Philosophy

In there I include:

1. Lessons plans for the week 
2. Brainstormed ideas I want to implement with boys or extra activities.

I look at the previous Weekly Goal sheet and I start evaluating what my boys did, how they enjoyed certain projects, what more of certain lessons I can give them so they can better understand the topic etc.

This page is for writing daily lessons. On the bottom there is an example how I use it. Like you see I did not write subjects on the left side column. Some days are busier than the other. Overall we have lessons on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and that is how it is written on the top of these pages.

I really like to use the notes section on the right side. This is where I write my ideas as well ideas from my boys. Print out pages HERE.

That week was not so busy, we spent lots of time outside meeting people and playing in parks.

Next page Goals is very important to me. This is how I keep track of the progress of certain subjects for both Eaton and Nathaniel. This is actually a swimming goal sheet for Eaton.

I want to mention last piece of paper I use to write down all the videos of MinutePhysics we watch. I did create it for my personal use. I signed up to their YouTube channel so I know when the new video comes out.

Please visit my Pinterest Page for more ideas and printouts.
This is all for now.

I wish you a Happy 2015 Homeschooling Year!

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