"You're BRAVER than you believe,
STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Monday, August 10, 2015

Blogging again?

Here I am, after few months of being away from my blog.

There are many reasons why I wasn't available for the last year. Mainly it's because I had some health problems that affected my brain. I lost clarity, my brain was foggy and I couldn't put myself the way I did it before. I couldn’t organize myself, I couldn’t clearly specify what I want for myself and how to homeschool my children.
I also wandered if I can do homeschooling at all if that situation will continue.

About a month ago I did toxicity test to check heavy metals in my body. My result has shown 12 toxic metals. 4 of them are outside safe zone.

I started to take DMSA pills as a process of chelation that will last about 4 more weeks. After 2 weeks I started to feel different. My clarity came back, brain fog slowly disappears and I’m more come down person.

I can’t describe how happy I’m because of that. It was really a nightmare not to be able to follow conversation with people or simply not remembering things. How you can homeschool your children in that situation?!

Anyway, I hope that my healing process is going the right way and I will be able to organize better my time with my kiddos.

I plan to homeschool my children and I will update my blog as well soon.

 Have a good day!


Viviane said...

Great to hear from you again dear friend xxx I missed you and the boys and looking forward to some updates . I am sorry for you not being well and glad you found out the root of the problem and you are now on top of it xxxx

Gargee Bhandare Wadhwani said...

Dear Marta, I'm glad to read your post:) It's good to know that you are recovering and getting healthier:) I truly miss your blogging. I tried reaching you on Google+ and you tube but may be the messages are not reaching you. Some of links and pictures and video posts don't seem to work or is it just me!? We did one of your activities and I wanted to share the source but the link didn't work. Btw, we have created some logic puzzles for Moksh and I would love to share them with you for Eaton & especially Nathaniel:)) Where can I send you those? Pls do let me know. Awaiting your reply. You are a strong girl and are truly inspiring:)) Lv to you, Eaton & Nathaniel!

Marta Wilson said...

Hi Girls, thank you so much for nice words from both of you. Finding root of the problem is the key. I'm closer than before :)

Gargee, you do amazing job with Moksh. I would love to get some new logic puzzle from you. You can write me at Maybe I can share with some of my materials. Currently I'm working on money unit for my little one. Actually it is almost done! hurray! I did have a blog problem. I previously did change my youtube account and I didn't realize that videos didn't automatically go to a new account. I'm not really familiar with procedures behind the blog/accounts etc. I couldn't reply to your comments under my old account. Sorry. Recently we changed our email server going away from Google who started to charge us. When we did it I forgot about my blog which it did use Google account and because of that I lost everything. My husband tried to recover but he was able to recover only posts in my blog, not the videos or the pictures. I will try to put it back together but it will take me soooo much time. But still I think it is worth to provide all the information for other moms. Anyway, thank you girls again and have a great weekend!

Pani Tanguera, Gabiś i Magdusia said...

Hej Marto. Mam nadzieję, że już się lepiej czujesz? ;-) Dopiero przeczytałam o tych metalach ciężkich... :-( Trzymaj się ciepło.
ślę pozdrowienia z Montrealu,
Moni & Co.

Pentla said...
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