"You're BRAVER than you believe,
STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think."
-A.A Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Monday, January 9, 2017

The First Week of Homeschooling in 2017

The first week of a new year was pretty busy for us. We worked Monday through Thursday and then on Friday we went to see other homeschool kids in a small town-Volcano Village.This is just a nutshell of our work. We did some more but I didn't record everything we did.

On Monday we started with fun science experiments from Spangler Science that comes regularly every month. In January we play with colors. There are few experiments we plan to do (so far we did 4):
1. Test Tube Color Mixing
2. Color Twist
3. Color Mixology
4. Color Keeper
5. Jelly Marbles Color Mixing (they loved this one!)
6. Bubbling Blobs
7. Bubbling Rainbows
The least favorite part of these experiments for 
Eaton is writing down
 his thoughts and results. 

They show jelly marbles they made. 
Pretty fascinating for them.
Nathaniel started Analogies for Beginners. I should introduce this book a long time ago but I couldn't find it. Anyway, Nathaniel loves doing it and he even grades his own work.

I introduced the idea of grading his own work because
 he can practice writing % symbol and he can analyze his
 own work how good he did.Also, it's fun for him!
 I make sure that he is correct ;-)
New vocabulary was introduced: multiplicand, multiplier 
and product
1. Montessori Multiplication Board
2. FREE Montessori Booklets
3. Make your own multiplication board


The other activity Nathaniel did was putting sentences in alphabetical order but he encountered a problem when sentences had too many words. The words were scrambled and he couldn't figure out which word to change in order for the sentence to have a sense. I will work with him on that. I think the reason was that Nathaniel didn't know the word "yam" and they are orange and he lost interest at that time. 

We read "Aztecs" book. It was pretty easy to read and it gave us so many interesting information about that civilization

I was recording Nathaniel and his narration using Iphone. He really likes that idea.
Besides that we watched some other short Aztecs movies:
We will continue to study Aztecs and visit library for more advanced books

Another interesting book we are reading is "About People Around the World". It was published in  1986 and I hope that some of the facts are still the truth. I meant to read that book for Geography/location purposes. It talks about different countries all over the word so we sit on the couch with a map reading that book.
We have homeschooling library at home and I always find something new for us to read. 

Nathaniel worked on his Magnet curriculum. He finished it about a year ago but he said he want to do it again. This time I just present the activity and the instruction and he does it on his own. He likes to take his time, play with magnets, read what he needs to do and it works for both of us. I like how he directs and manage his own work. I do record videos, take pictures. I sit aside and watch, sometimes we talk sometimes he is just in his own zone. Sometimes I walk away and they work on their own. 

It's interesting that after doing it a second time he is still fascinated and happy and acting like he is discovering it for the first time.


Study of Longitute and Latitude
Eaton watched a video on YouTube by Barnaby Lenon and created similar graph

 He also watched some PPT presentation I found on Internet which at the end had a quiz. Eaton did that as well. He is really good with lessons, presentations, lectures online. Whenever there is a chance I sign him up for Gifted and Talented lessons presented by real teachers. 
 Boys also worked on their math skills with Singapore Math. Nathaniel 2A and Eaton does few pages from Singapore 3B. He is currently doing grade 5 at Gifted and Talented program, but I found few areas where he was lacking so I went through all the Singapore grades and I found some topics here and there which he can practice in more details
 Nathaniel is doing his daily grammar pages from Macmillan McGraw-Hill. It's enough for him which he likes to study grammar just a little bit at a time. Building sentences, the use of Capital letters, studying parts of the speech: nouns, adjectives etc. He does 2 pages a day, every day. Progress comes from little steps made every day.

Van Gogh study-sunflowers

This project was fun to make for both boys, although they each did it differently. Easier version for Nathaniel.

We did few other things but mainly kids spend most of the day playing and enjoying life,  Although I don't post it on the blog fun takes a majority of their time!


Monika said...

Super, mam nadzieję, że wracacie już na stałe. Fantastyczny tydzień. My teraz mieszkamy w Anglii, moje dziewczynki zaczęły chodzić tutaj do szkoły, mimo to nadal będę uczyła je w domu aby zdać egzaminy w polskiej szkole. Dziękuję za inspirację. Pozdrawiamy.

Marta Wilson said...

Witaj ponownie Monika! Staram sie zobaczymy jak dlugo u mnie potrwa blogowanie. Zagladne zaraz co u Was dobrego slychac. Planujesz uczyc wszystkiego w j. polskim, aby zdac egzaminy? Ciekawa jestem. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

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